1. Click on Campaign

Login to your Peersway app and click on the completed campaign to submit Instagram post and stories. Click on the orange circle with “+📎” icon on the bottom right hand corner of the campaign image.

2. Upload content for Instagram

Select “Instagram ” and it will redirect you to the next screen.

3. Upload Instagram Story

Select “Story ” and click on the add image icon (grey square box) and select your Instagram story image screenshot.

4. Insert Story Views

After adding your Instagram story image screenshot, insert the number of views from the Instagram story and click “OK”.

5. Save Instagram Story Image Screenshot

Hit “Save” on the bottom to upload the Instagram story image screenshot.

6. Instagram Story Image Verification

A message will pop-up and notify if the image has been uploaded successfully, hit “OK”.

Note: if the pop-up message does not show up, this indicates that the image has been NOT successfully uploaded.