April 11, 2020

How To Make Money During The Coronavirus Crisis

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We live in such an odd time where cash is no longer the preferred method of payment in supermarkets, restaurants, and beyond. Even though contactless payment rules while we fight COVID-19, we still gotta pay the (dolla dolla) bills y’all.

coins falling out of jar

We live in such an odd time where cash is no longer the preferred method of payment in supermarkets, restaurants, and beyond. Even though contactless payment rules while we fight COVID-19, we still gotta pay the (dolla dolla) bills y’all.

Wu-Tang remains correct, cash still rules everything around us.

We’ve gathered a few ingenious money-making ideas you can partake in from the comfort of your own home and we have divided the tips into two sections:

  • how to generate new income
  • how to be smarter with your money

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and see how you can earn some extra cash.

#1 Generate New Income

Laptop on desk
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Some of you may have heard of Fiverr. It’s an online marketplace for digital services where you can offer your expertise in graphics & design, photography, videography, digital marketing, writing, music, tech, and business, for a price. Personally I recommend digital marketing because of the cost of digital marketing you will have a lot customer.

For the rest of us not so skilled in the above, we can sell our humour. Seriously, these people have made some serious bucks on Fiverr by selling odd jobs.

More on selling on Fiverr. Get creative, get funny, and get paid!

#2 Sell Your Hair

Woman with long hair
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Do you have long and luscious virgin hair? If yes, then you could be making anywhere from $100 to $4,000.

How much you get paid really depends on your type of hair and the current buying market. We do advise you to do your own research before cutting and sending off your hair.

Check out these online hair selling platforms for more info: Buy and Sell Hair, Online Hair AffairHair Sellon

#3 Sell Unwanted Electronics

pile of electronics
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You know you have old cellphones, tablets, computers, CDs, DVDs, and games lying around taking up space in your home. Let’s be real, when are you ever going to use them again?

These websites will send you money for your old gadgets.

See for yourself by calculating how much you can get paid for your items on these websites: DecluttrGazelleU SellBuyBackBoss.

#4 Sell Your Text Books

photo of bookshelf
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Desperate times call for desperate measures. Text books was one of the main reasons you were broke in school. Do they really bring you good memories? Instead of letting them collect dust on your shelves, initiate a spring cleaning and send them off to a nice new home where they’ll be put to better use.

You can easily enter the ISBN on the Book Scouter website and they will let you know the buyer with the best offer.

#5 Clean Out Your Closet

Clothes on rack
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craft tools and pencils
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Have you been getting handsy with tapestry weaving, jewelry making, or woodworking during your free time? Instead of cluttering your home with your beautiful new artwork, create an account on Etsy and bring in some new income.

If you want to weed out the middleman, we recommend direct B2C selling by leveraging your social media and advertise your crafts within your network!

#6 Sell Stock Photos

Woman holding camera behind plant
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As a photographer of various skill levels, you can easily make money by selling your work to online websites such as: ShutterstockAdobe Stock, and Fotomoto.

As a contributor, you can earn a royalty anywhere from 20%-60% each time your photo is purchased.

#7 Get Paid to Test Websites

Hand scrolling on iPad
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That’s right, you can get paid to browse the internet. Large companies often rely on people like you to test new web and mobile sites to gain valuable insights into their products. You can make between $10-$25 per test.

These are the most popular sites for you try: UsertestingWhat Users Do.

#8 Earn Money Transcribing and Captioning

Typing on laptop
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85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. The demand for video transcriptionists and captioners are on a rise and you can have a part of this pie without any prior experience.

If you’re a good English speaker with patience, attentive listening, and a comprehensive understanding of grammar and spelling, you can get paid up to $20/audio hour. Check out: Rev, GoTranscript3Play Media.

#9 Get Paid through Google AdSense

Google Adsense

Do you have a website? If so, you can become a Google AdSense publisher and earn extra money by displaying relevant ads on your websites. AdSense publishers can earn 68% of the click cost while 32% will go to Google.

See if your website can qualify here: Google AdSense

#10 Teach English Online

Teacher's desk
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We bet you’re slowly running out of things to talk about with people in your household being cooped up inside. Why not get chatty with strangers while helping them get better with their English?

Here are a few websites you can have a chat with English learners across the world with no prior experience required. You can earn anywhere from $10-$22/hour and make your own schedule!

Register on Cambly & VIP Kid now.

#11 Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

Spotify gift cards
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Every year, thousands of gift cards are gifted by a Jim from the accountant department who got roped into participating in the Secret Santa gift exchange.

Now we can’t really blame Jim for this impersonal gift, we’ve all been a Jim at least once before.

Gather all of your gift cards and resell them here: Gift Card GrannyRaiseCardSwap. You can earn up to 92% cash back.


#12 Sell Your Presets

Image of laptop on desk with stationery

Are you a savvy photo editing whiz or a content creator with awesome digital skills where people are constantly asking about your feed’s aesthetic?

You can start an army of fabulous aesthetics and let your followers follow your footsteps. You don’t have to limit yourself to your followers, get access to the whole world. Best of all, you can make some bucks while doing it. Check out these websites to start: Filtergrade and Sellfy

Be Better with Your Money

Please note that the frugal tactics below won’t be making you any extra cash, instead, they could help you be smarter with your money.

#1 Sort out your bills

Calculator with papers
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You have plenty of time now to review your bills from current providers for TV, cellphone, electricity, etc. As you’ve gotten comfortable with the same providers for years, your neighbors are getting better deals with the competitors.

A great money-saving tactic is to shop around for better offers. Speak to your current providers and see if you can negotiate a better deal. If they won’t budge, you can speak to their competitors and see what they have to offer.

A few minutes of your time could turn into a few hundred dollars in savings.

#2 Cancel Subscription Services

Unsubscribe icon

So you were lured into signing up for a video streaming service for a free trial and totally forgot about it or, maybe you’ve registered for that fitness app but haven’t used it at all.

Without realizing it, $9 a month turns into $108 a year. If you have multiple subscriptions in placed, you could be losing up to $1k annually.

Ask yourself, do you really need these subscriptions? Do they bring you joy? Try to Marie Kondo your subscriptions and take a look at your weekly and monthly usage.

Once you’ve realized that you can listen to a few ads while streaming your music on Spotify isn’t so bad after all, we guarantee you will start seeing a plumper bank account.

#3 Participate in Your Supermarket Loyalty Program

Special Deals
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When this pandemic started, we all wished we had started extreme couponing. Sadly, not all of us have the patience, time, or the required organizational skill. However, you can join the little league of extreme couponing by registering for your local supermarket loyalty program.

Earn points while shopping. Your ROI won’t be very high, but earning some extra cash to go towards your next shopping trip is a win for sure. Here are ways you can maximize your earnings from your loyalty programs:

  • Download the Stocard App
    • Gone were the days of hanging plastic loyalty cards on key chains. Stocard allows you to register all of your loyalty cards in one place on your phone. They also keep track of your points and give you up-to-date info on the latest deals going on in your stores.
  • Plan meals around deals
    • Make your weekly shopping more fun by planning your meals around the offers available. Not only will it inspire you to whip up new recipes but also save you money.

This list should give you good start on ways you can earn some extra cash and be smarter with your money.

We hope we’ve sparked your interest and motivation to help you see the light at the end of this tunnel.

Now let’s get paid!

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