June 27, 2020

Swayer Spotlight – @kimoune

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Full of personality, this morning radio host for Bell Media – Rouge FM Montreal, is here to give the low down on her experience as a mommy nano-influencer. Getting up before the sun rises is definitely Kim’s thing but you will never see a frown on her face. Don’t believe us? Peep her Instagram!

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What do you like to do for fun?

I looooove sharing a glass of wine (or a coffee) with friends. Just chatting, laughing, and eating good food is the best around! I spend too much time on my phone, but, I also love jogging, riding my bicycle, and weight lifting to stay in shape. I like to push my limits further and have relaxing spa days with a good book!

How did you get into influencer marketing?

Everything started when I got pregnant. Motherhood is a huge business on Instagram and I really understood why during my maternity leave.

Moms have so much time to spend on social media and we are always looking to connect with other moms who are experiencing the same thing. We share tips and products that we discover for our baby. There’s so much love and support because hell yeah we need it during this period even if we love our kids to death.

Nights are short, we are exhausted sometimes and we need to know that other women are living the same thing. It is a big crowd of mamas out there and that is the best thing! We need to stay strong together.

Portrait of Swayer Kim's daughter

Was it difficult to bring your baby into the Instagram world?

It wasn’t hard for me because my daughter is a part of me. So sharing my journey with her is precious. I see my Instagram feed as a journal that will remind me of all our goods moments together.

I find it really easy to put her in the highlight, to put her in front of me. As a mother, I am so proud of her. I know all parents will understand what I’m trying to say. 😉

She is now 11 months old and it’s starting to be more difficult to capture the right moment and having the right shots because she is always on the run, moving all around!

How did you build the following community you have now?

Communication is key. It is in every relationship we have in life and it’s the same on social media. I tried to support and engage with my followers as much as I can by liking other photos, commenting, and sending DMs.

With the ever-changing algorithm, we don’t see a lot of people in our crowd anymore, so once in a while, I go through my list of followers and show some love!

What has been your favourite experience as a content creator?

Content creating is so much fun when you discover, try new things, and share with others. We have access to new products before the general public and this is really exciting. Like this summer, I have to try an auto-mower – a robot who will mow my lawn for me.

Swayer Kim's child in pink outfit

What’s your secret to writing a good caption?

You need to set a call to action. Ask a question to engage your followers. Sometimes, you’ll have a great caption and other days you will have nothing to say, and you know what, it is ok.

How about some tips for pitching to brands?

I started to pitch recently and it has been working very well. The first thing, you need to have is a media kit to show what you are capable of. It is like your resume.

After that, you need to find the right person to send your brand kit and make the introduction. The marketing department is your target! Don’t be shy to approach the brand via Instagram to ask for the contact info of that person.

Lastly, don’t take it personally if they say no to you. Keep in mind, there are a lot of people they hear from. Think about what you can do to stand out from the crowd.

What would you say is the #1 key to success in generating engagement?

Comment, like, like, comment…. Engage yourself! If you want others to communicate with you, you have to communicate with them. Don’t wait for people to find you, go to them.

If you could restart your influencer journey, what would you do differently?

Good question! Be more consistent in the beginning. I started my Instagram channel when the app just launched, forgot about it, and came back a few years later… and I fell so behind. Now it’s much more difficult due to the changing algorithm.

How do you juggle between being a mom, having a career, your social life, and being an influencer?

Do I manage it? Hahaha. It is hard sometimes because life goes so fast. I am always in a rush to create content when I am home. I have to be mindful to not be always on my phone because I want to spend with my family. No jokes, it takes time, but I think I have the right balance.


Do you want to continue with influencer marketing 5 years from now?

I will continue to have fun with it and see where it’ll take me. I don’t want to be stressed and be anxious about it. My next step is to reach 10k, so If I’m still in this business in 5 years I wish to have more followers, land more nice campaigns, and maybe make extra money 😉

Where will you go when we can leisurely travel again?

OMG, I can see myself on a beach…. I’d like to bring my daughter in California because I am a big fan of that place (been there 4 times already) or in an all-exclusive experience, just to enjoy the sun, the warm weather with a drink. 😉

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