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Work with influencers to scale your marketing campaigns

Peersway provides brands all the tools necessary to easily launch and manage their influencer campaigns

Product for Content

Flexible influencer compensation options for growing brands. Transform influencers’ engagement into your growth by simply providing products you already have.

Contests & Giveaways

Capture the attention of your audience with exciting contests and giveaways. Our platform helps you create buzzworthy campaigns that drive user engagement and generate brand awareness.

In-Store Experiences

Transform customer experiences into lasting brand connections. Take your brand to the next level with immersive in-store experiences. With Peersway, you can seamlessly collaborate with influencers to create unforgettable moments for your customers.

Working with influencers has never been easier

1. Kickstart Your Campaign

Tailor your campaign to match your brand’s objectives. Define goals and objectives and identify your target audience. Outline the key message you wish to communicate.

2. Select Your Influencer Team

Review applications. Explore a range of talented Nano Influencers. Choose those who resonate with your brand's ethos and style.

3. Start Collaborating

Collaborate with influencers to make engaging content that speaks to your audience and brings your brand’s vision to life. Use our effortless tools for collaboration and content approval. Let the creators work their magic.

4. Monitor Your Results

Track your progress in real-time. Look for clear impacts on your brand’s visibility and engagement. Access comprehensive analytics to measure your campaigns’ effectiveness.


Benefits of Our Free All-In-One Platform

Free and No Contracts

Our platform is completely free to use, with no hidden fees or contracts. Launch and manage your influencer campaigns without platform costs or long-term commitments.

Access Our Exclusive Network

Tap into our highly vetted network of authentic nano influencers for free. We carefully curate and verify our influencers to ensure a genuine, engaged following and alignment with your brand’s values.

Effortless Campaign Management

Our easy platform makes creating, launching, and managing influencer campaigns simple. You can do it all in one place. With an intuitive solution, you can streamline your workflow and stay organized.

Flexible Collaboration Options

Choose from a variety of collaboration options, including paid partnerships, audience giveaways, and products for content. Our platform gives you the flexibility to work with influencers in a way that fits your brand and budget.

Seamless Communication

Our messaging system is built-in. It makes it easy to talk directly with influencers through the platform. You can provide campaign guidelines, give feedback, and answer questions all in one place.

No Maximum or Minimum Influencer Requirements

Other platforms limit how many influencers you can partner with or impose minimum campaign spending requirements. Our free platform has no strict requirements or commitments necessary to take part.

Success Stories with big results!

Discover how brands like Downy, Ikea Home Lessons, foodora, and Carl Jung Wines achieved remarkable success with influencer marketing through Peersway. Join them and elevate your brand to new heights.

Total Reach
Total Reach

Client Impressions

Their unique approach to influencer marketing has resulted in several successful campaigns with noticeable boosts in sales in the weeks following execution.
Nicole Venditti
Associate Brand Manager, The Mentholatum Company
The results met our expectations, and we were happy with the content created by the influencers the agency cast.
Lucille Kerysaouen
Digital Marketing Strategist, Stingray
We loved working will Peersway for our most recent influencer campaign. We would recommend working with Peersway and plan to do so again ourselves!
Sophie Babinski
Marketing Specialist, naturSource


Is Peersway's self-serve platform really free to use?

Yes, the self-serve platform is entirely free for brands, with no hidden charges or contractual commitments. You are responsible for compensating influencers you do collaborate with, however, we have made this as easy and accessible for brands as possible. We provide several options including exchanging products for content to influencers who agree.

How can I find the right nano influencers for my brand on Peersway's platform?

Our platform offers a curated network of authentic, engaged nano influencers who have opted-in and been fully vetted by our team. You can provide your campaign requirements and have influencers apply directly so that you only have to review applications.

What type of campaign analytics and reporting does Peersway provide?

Brands can access detailed information about each piece of content posted by influencers, including the date it went live, the number of posts and stories, total reach, engagement, and impressions. This empowers you to track performance and optimize future strategies.

Can I approve influencer content before it goes live on Peersway's platform?

Yes. Our platform allows you to review, provide feedback, and approve influencer content to ensure it aligns with your brand guidelines and voice.

How do I pay influencers for their work on Peersway's platform?

Peersway simplifies the payment process with our secure, built-in payment system. You can easily compensate influencers for their content creation and collaboration efforts.

How is influencer compensation on the platform determined? Is it negotiable?

Although we provide a recommendation based on the amount of content to be created, brands have the final say on how much they want to pay influencers. Brands also have the option to launch campaigns where influencers who agree create content in exchange for products.

Is there a minimum campaign budget requirement or maximum number of influencers for self-serve campaigns?

No, there are no minimum campaign budget requirements, nor are there any limits on the number of influencers you can work with on our free platform.

What are the steps to launch a self-serve campaign on Peersway?

First, create your free account. It only takes a few minutes. Once your account is set up, you can launch your campaign and begin viewing interested influencers.

What features are included in Peersway's self-serve nano influencer platform?

Brands can launch campaigns, review and approve influencer applications, pay influencers (for paid campaigns), approve content before it goes live, provide feedback about influencers, and access campaign reports. All for free and in one intuitive and easy-to-use place.

How does Peersway ensure the quality of influencers on its platform?

Peersway manually reviews all influencer profiles before approving them to join the platform. During this review, engagement rate, followers-to-following ratio, content quality, and comment quality are checked to eliminate accounts with fake followers or those that are not brand-safe.

What if I’m looking for a more hands-off approach or require help with my campaign?

We also offer fully managed campaigns led by our expert team. You can learn more about them here. If you still want to use the platform but only have some questions or require a bit of guidance, feel free to reach out and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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