November 19, 2020

5 Forever-Free Instagram Schedulers

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Schedulers are a lifesaver. You can simplify your Instagram posting process. Plan a whole month’s worth of content at once. Some schedulers could even automatically publish the content on your behalf.


We’ve rounded up five of our favourite Instagram schedulers. Best of all, they’re forever free to use.

That’s right. No “14-day trial” B.S.

All you need is a professional Instagram account (Business or Creator).

Check out some of their key features below.

List of Instagram schedulers
Creator studio

The Instagram Creator Studio lets you manage all your Instagram posts and get basic insights at the comfort of your desktop.

Their features are extremely limited, lacking visual planning and team collaboration. But if simplicity is your thing, then this scheduler is for you.


  • Ease of accessibility
  • Location & user tag
  • Reply to comments & DMs
  • Auto-publish photos, videos & IGTV


  • No mobile access
  • You cannot edit scheduled or existing posts
  • No visual planner or grid view

To access: go to Creator Studio and click the Instagram icon located next to the Facebook icon at the top of your screen.


Dashboard of Later

Later is putting visual first as “The world’s favorite Instagram marketing platform”. Tutorials and tips are available to help you curate new content and build a cohesive feed. You’ll see why they are one of the leaders in this space.

Their free plan allows you to publish 30 posts and stories per month. This resets at the beginning of every month.


  • Download media directly from Instagram mentions and hashtags
  • Simple interface
  • Unlimited photo and video uploads to Media Library
  • Link optimizer


  • Mobile App not user-friendly
  • Drag & Drop grid feature automatically makes changes to your pre-scheduled posts


Planoly Dashboard

The first visual planner for Instagram with simplicity at the core of its mission. Planoly has a clean and simple interface. It comes with an all-in-one solution to plan, post, and analyze.

You can manage and reply to your comments and inbox directly from Planoly. Like Later, you can schedule 30 posts and stories per month.


  • Ability to create many Grid preview drafts
  • Auto-publish feature
  • Link optimization


  • Unable to view scheduled posts as images in a calendar view
  • Emojis available only on mobile App


Preview dashboard

The free version of this App does have tons of limitations. But it is a handy tool to pre-schedule your content. Unfortunately, the auto-publish feature is not available on Preview. You will receive a notification once it’s time to post.

An added bonus, their in-app photo editor and filters are not too shabby!


  • Unlimited number of scheduled posts per month
  • Simple drag and drop grid


  • No auto-publish ability
  • Desktop access only available for paid plans

Download their 112-page Instagram Guide here.


Plann Dashboard

A new-ish kid on the block but a force to be reckoned with. Packed with a bunch of innovative features their counterparts do not have. They recently gave their mobile App and desktop platform a makeover with a brand new look. We’re not mad about it.

One of their newly added features includes a Canva integration. You can access thousands of stunning designs, templates, and tools on the platform!

They are the only scheduler to have a Strategy feature providing a roadmap for themes and topics to keep your followers on their toes. There’s also a section to write your goals and test strategies all in one place. Now your personal stories, flat lays, funny quotes, campaigns, and #OOTDs all have a special place in your grid.


  • Canva integration
  • Strategy feature


  • No auto-publish ability
  • Not available for Androids (yet)

As you can see, the perfect scheduler does not exist. Of course, there are some limitations between the paid vs. free plans. At the end of the day, they all have one goal. That is to make your life a lot easier. Can you smell the roses yet?

Make sure to review the key features available for free plans across each platform. Then sign up for the scheduler that you think will your problems. Heck, try all of them! No one is stopping you.

We encourage you to also look into the paid plans available for each platform. As most of them are pretty affordable, it could be a great investment.

Are there any other free schedulers we should check out? Let us know in the comments!

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