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This fashion and lifestyle Swayer is giving us a peep into her journey of becoming a nano-influencer. She’s sharing the biggest challenge she has faced as a content creator, and it’s so relatable. Want to know how she has built a genuine following with authentic engagement? Read on!

Swayer Mia sitting in front of wall

What are three words that describe your Instagram?

I would say three words that describe my Instagram channel would be Bright, Authentic, and fun! I just love to be me on Instagram and hopefully, that’s what shows through!

Where do you find inspiration?

I find a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. Whether it’s a home decor post or a fashion post. The people I follow inspire me and that translates into what I post. Everyone is so creative, and it just makes me want to do the same!

I have a few Instagram accounts that really inspire me such as Emma Leger and Mia Randria, for example. It’s amazing to see the growth on their platforms and the unique content they provide that just suits their brand.

Why and how did you get into Influencer marketing?

I was always into having a “theme” on Instagram since I can remember but I only did it for fun. I never knew anything could possibly come from it.

As I started to familiarize myself with the platform, I realized there was a possibility to partner with brands that I often buy from and the ability to build a whole community surrounding this subject.

I started interacting with other accounts like mine and it just inspired me to want to get into influencer marketing!

I went to school for marketing and specialized in Social Media and Digital Marketing as well and I think that slowly opened a door for me. But I never imagined that I would be the influencer because I always thought that I would be the one working for them.

Swayer Mia holding flower

What was your first Peersway Campaign and how did you get selected for the campaign?

My first campaign was with Head and Shoulders. I think it was because I had a good aesthetic and the right demographics to match the brand’s requirements at the time.

How do you decide which campaign to participate in?

I want to participate in campaigns that will resonate with my followers the best. Since my focus is on fashion and lifestyle, it makes sense to want to participate in those areas with my main demographic. I also want to pick campaigns that I’m passionate about and know that when creating content I am going to give it my all!

What has been your favorite experience as a content creator?

My favourite experience as a content creator so far has been being able to get into a creative space that I didn’t know I could tap into. Finding different locations and different outfits that fit with my aesthetic but still reach my audience has been the coolest experience, you learn so much!

My significant other is a photographer as well so it’s been fun working together and creating what you see on my Instagram.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a content creator?

Getting over your own insecurities is the biggest challenge I face as a content creator.

When I first started, I was worried about what people would think and what people I work with or went to high school with would be saying. I have overcome that challenge now but I still have other insecurities to face, so you are definitely your own challenge.

It’s crazy but you don’t realize how much limitations you put on yourself until you start stepping out of your comfort zone.


What are three things someone starting out as a nano-influencer must know?

  1. Engage – Engage with your followers and people you follow because that’s the point of Instagram! You can connect with so many people this way and through this, you get to know them and they get to know you. Different ways you can engage would be by commenting on your followers’ posts or IG stories and posting engaging stories using polls or posing questions.
  2. Find Your Niche – This is so cliché, but if you have no idea what it is you’re posting about then there is a good chance your followers don’t either! Don’t just pick something that everyone else is doing if you’re not truly interested in it. It took me a lot of trial and error to find my niche but eventually, I found it!
  3. Be Consistent – It’s such a great way to get your content out there! If you are posting consistently, then you have a better chance of exposure and having your content seen. Find a posting schedule for you that works for you, because everyone has a busy life. But consistency is definitely key!

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