Influencer Marketing Agency Vancouver

Peersway is a leading influencer marketing agency in Vancouver specializing in connecting nano influencers with brands across North America.

With our growing network of nano influencers, we create impactful and profitable custom digital marketing campaigns for businesses in all industries.

We believe nano influencers are the future of digital marketing. As a full-service influencer agency, we help businesses make the most of this innovative solution by providing end-to-end campaign management across North America. Our passion and dedication help our clients increase brand awareness, generate revenue, and connect with new consumers.

Learn how our Vancouver influencer agency can help you scale your business.

Work with a Connected Nano Influencer Agency in Vancouver

Connect with thousands of nano influencers in Vancouver

Our clients have instant access to our extensive network of nano influencers in Vancouver and across North America.

More engagement for less cost

Our network of nano influencers offers premium content creation at a fraction of the cost of a macro-influencer.

Nano influencers with big engagement

Nano influencers may have modest followings, but their engagement rates are some of the highest in their industry.

Fully managed influencer marketing campaigns

We manage your influencer campaign from start to finish, so you can focus your attention on growing your business.

Maximized exposure

We ensure your campaign is being viewed and engaged with by the largest possible audience.

Affordable pricing for influencer marketing in Vancouver

Our influencer marketing costs are divided into four categories, so you can select the plan that fits your brand and budget.


How Peersway Influencer Marketing Works in Vancouver

1. Launch Campaign

We work closely with our clients to understand their messaging and their goals for the campaign.

2. Source Influencers

We find the right nano influencers in Vancouver to promote your brand and products without losing their relatability.

3. Track Campaign

We monitor your campaign's progress & audience participation to ensure complete continuity.

4. Report Performance

We provide monthly engagement reports and KPI details followed by an end-of-campaign report for full transparency.

Agencies and Brands We Currently Work With

Peersway is an influencer agency in Vancouver that helps brands and agencies realize the potential of influencer marketing. We help businesses across a variety of industries build their brand’s reputation through engaging social media content from the city’s most influential content creators.

Our Vancouver Influencer Marketing Reviews

We were able to reach hundreds of thousands of Canadians through the nano-influencers — something that we would not have been able to do alone.
Sarah Jamal
Communications Manager, Environmental Defence
They make running an influencer campaign really easy as they coordinate everything and shortlist the candidates for you.
CEO, Mint Smilebar

Influencer Marketing in Vancouver

Vancouver is known for its trendsetting fashion, innovative technologies, and breathtaking landscapes, making it an ideal location for today’s most influential content creators. Influencers from all over North America have come to Vancouver to build their personal brand and create content that doesn’t feel over-produced or inauthentic.

Peersway started as an influencer marketing agency in Toronto and since has grown its network to work with nano influencers in Vancouver and across North America.

We’re passionate about building lasting relationships with the city’s biggest brands and agencies by creating authentic and engaging social media content. We manage our clients’ campaigns from their conception to the final campaign report for an innovative and stress-free marketing solution.

Frequently Asked Questions About Influencer Marketing in Vancouver

Why hire a Vancouver influencer marketing agency?

A Vancouver influencer marketing agency connects companies to local consumers through their favourite social media influencers. Campaign managers take care of the entire process, from onboarding the right nano influencers to monitoring each campaign as it goes live.

Consumer behaviours are changing before our eyes and to remain competitive in the market, brands must be able to adapt their marketing strategies to reflect current trends. At Peersway, we provide end-to-end campaign management designed to achieve real-time results for your business, using social media and nano influencers as a tool to promote your brand in a more authentic way.

What separates Peersway from other influencer marketing agencies in Vancouver?

At Peersway, we’re a full-service influencer marketing agency in Vancouver with a reputation for delivering actionable results and building long-term relationships between today’s top nano influencers and a range of established brands across North America.

Our end-to-end campaign management is designed to take the pressure off your shoulders so that you can focus on your company’s big-picture strategies. We work with the largest community of content creators to create campaigns that not only represent your brand but share its values across various social media feeds.

We offer cost-effective marketing strategies without sacrificing quality content. Our agency ensures every campaign matches your brand’s tone and markets your products or services authentically.

What businesses do we work with in Vancouver?

At Peersway, we’re proud to work with a variety of brands in Vancouver and across North America. Our influencer agency has helped companies across a range of industries elevate their brand awareness and connect with social media users with posts that tell your brand’s story.

We’ve provided our services to brands in health and wellness, lifestyle and fashion, technology, events and more. By sourcing the industry’s leading nano influencers, we create full-scale social media campaigns that connect with their followers on a more authentic and engaging level.

Get in touch with our agency today and let us help your brand achieve maximum engagement.

What does influencer marketing cost in Vancouver?

As an experienced influencer marketing agency in Vancouver, our services are designed with our clients in mind. Our influencer marketing costs are based on our starter, basic, advanced, and premium packages, allowing you to choose the right option for your business. Each of our packages comes with a dedicated campaign manager, influencer compensation, and monthly reports.

Our plans are free of subscriptions, activation fees, contracts, and set-up fees.

How can I join Peersway’s Vancouver influencer marketing network?

The first step to joining our influencer marketing agency in Vancouver is choosing the pricing package that best reflects your company’s goals and budget. With this insight, our team will help you define the scope of your campaign and your engagement and revenue goals.

Once we’ve established the details of your campaign, our marketing specialists will tap into our network of nano influencers to begin creating content that accurately and authentically promotes your products or services.

Get in touch with us today to get started.

When will I see results from influencer marketing in Vancouver?

At Peersway, we provide transparent monthly reports so you can see how your campaigns are performing in real-time. We understand each campaign is unique in its approach and how it engages with social media users.

Our agency will communicate regularly with our influencer network to gain the data and insights needed to measure and track the success of your campaign.

What industries does Peersway work with in Vancouver?

At Peersway, we utilize our diverse portfolio and expertise in digital marketing to create full-scale campaigns that can be tailored to any industry.

Our experienced influencer marketing agency has helped brands and agencies across North America promote their products and services to a more diverse audience through engaging social media content. We utilize our nano influencer network to create campaigns for companies in fashion, wellness, technology, non-profit organizations and more.

How do Vancouver brands benefit from influencer marketing services?

Nano influencer marketing is a unique approach to digital marketing and has become essential for brands looking to reach a more diverse audience and generate new revenue. Brands and agencies in Vancouver can experience the wide range of benefits this marketing tool offers, including:

Building Credibility

As consumer markets become more saturated, buyers are looking for brands and products that they can trust before they invest their hard-earned money. Nano influencers have built a loyal following and reaching their audience allows you to highlight your brand in a more personal way and build credibility.


Nano influencer marketing provides higher levels of engagement without the cost of macro or mega influencers. In fact, the cost of 15 nano influencers is equivalent to one macro influencer. We help our clients earn the results they need without sacrificing their entire marketing budget.

Works for Any Business

With a growing number of influencers across social media, there is a niche for every brand, whether you’re in retail, events, skincare, or technology. We help our clients customize their content strategies to fit their business and find nano influencers that can reach the right audiences.

Building Partnerships

When you find the right influencers in Vancouver and North America for your campaigns you can successfully make connections between your brand and their followers.

How do I start an influencer marketing campaign with Peersway?

If you’re ready to begin your personalized influencer marketing campaign, get in touch with the Peersway team today. Contact our agency by phone or email to learn more about our services and our pricing packages.