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Born and raised in London, Ontario, residing near Toronto, she’s keeping busy in the digital space by planning and creating content, and managing social for a magazine and various blogs/businesses. On top of everything, she’s also working on getting her Personal Training license! So if you’re ever looking for a well-dressed digital creator that’s into fitness, she’s your girl. Keep reading to find out how she got into the age of influence, where you can score a good deal on her groovy style, her biggest fashion inspiration, and much more.


What’s your style?

Can’t choose a fashion aesthetic to save my life, check! I’d say, for the most part, my style is a mix of masculinity and femininity. I love oversized silhouettes and chunky platforms, just as much as I love crop tops and dainty jewelry. I also love dressing edgy and stealing my boyfriend’s clothing. My style really depends on my mood and the vibe I’m feeling that day.

What are three words that describe your Instagram?

I polled my audience for this one! The words that came up the most were aesthetic, authentic, and optimistic.

When did you start promoting brands?

I only started taking Instagram more seriously in the last 6 months. Once I realized the value I could bring to my audience, by partnering with great brands that I already love, I started to understand the true potential of social media and influencer marketing.

I’ve already had the opportunity to work on 10 campaigns with amazing brands and companies like Bumble, iDeal of Sweden, Unplugged Beauty, and Yves Rocher!

Swayer Teal in blazer outfit

How did you get into influencer marketing?

I don’t really consider myself an influencer – I really just enjoy sharing my passions with others who have similar interests! But, I got into influencer marketing when my love for fashion started to evolve and become a daily thing that I was working on and creating content about.

I realized how much room there was for my own growth in the industry – and that it didn’t stop there. The idea of sharing products and clothing that I love and use with an audience who values my opinion is really exciting to me!

It’s nice to feel valued and heard, and engaging with my community is honestly so fun and rewarding. I truly look forward to reading my DMs and engaging with my community every single day!

Where do you find inspiration?

I am inspired the most when I travel, I love experiencing new places and cultures, and I always come home with an updated world view.

Pinterest and Instagram are my go-to’s for inspo when I’m not traveling – there is just so much out there, sometimes it can get overwhelming. When that happens, I try to put myself out into nature or pick up a book for more organic inspiration.

Do you have a favorite fashion icon?

I love anything Allegra Shaw touches – she’s been my biggest inspiration in terms of gaining the confidence I needed to start my own fashion journey.

I went to one of her meetups in the summer; she was such a sweetheart and gave me some awesome advice. Right now I am also really vibing the “model off duty” aesthetic – so anything Bella Hadid or Hailey Bieber wears casually is a big yes from me.


What has been your favorite experience as a content creator?

When I worked with iDeal of Sweden for their Canadian campaigns, they actually reached out to me first and offered to collab! That experience gave me so much confidence because I had no idea how I showed up on their radar!

It made me realize that I have just as much of a place in this industry as anyone else and that I shouldn’t doubt my own abilities. You don’t have to have a massive following to partner with great brands.


What is the biggest challenge you face as a content creator?

Right now, in quarantine, my biggest challenge is simply finding the motivation to continue creating. As I mentioned, I get the most inspiration from being out in the world and experiencing new things, so being stuck at home has really put a damper on my creativity.

A lot of creators I know are experiencing this type of blockage right now, so it’s important for me to be gentle with myself. If I don’t feel like getting ready or shooting something on a particular day, I won’t force it, but then sometimes I’ll end up feeling unproductive. So, the challenge really hangs in that balance.

Ultimately, I still want to be providing my audience with valuable content but I don’t want to stress myself out in the production of that.


What advice would you give Swayers that are struggling to score a campaign?

Make sure your images are high-quality and edited in a cohesive way to match your feed aesthetic. I think a well-curated feed with quality imagery is really the key to attracting brands.

What are three things someone starting out as a nano-influencer needs to know?

Be authentic. There is no one else in the world with your unique point-of-view. This is what sets you apart. Use it to your advantage.

Drown out the haters. There will always be that one person telling you the industry is too saturated or that you don’t have “enough followers.” These people are simply intimidated by your confidence and would hate to see you shine. Mute them, unfollow them, whatever you gotta do. As long as you never let someone else’s negativity hold you back from doing or creating what YOU want.

Provide value. There has to be something useful, informative, or entertaining about the content that your account is providing in order to attract and maintain an engaged audience.

Swayer Teal in leather jacket

What’s your favourite online shop?

While I much prefer being able to try items on, my favourite online store is definitely ASOS. They carry such a wide range of brands and designers, you can find everything you want in one place, which is really nice, although it could get very overwhelming. I tend to have about 50 pieces on my “wish list” at all times.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now with your career?

I’d love to make fashion a bigger part of my career. I’ve toyed with the idea of going back to school for something fashion-related, but I might just continue with my fashion content online and see how it goes from there.

I think becoming a stylist would be amazing, but I also have a huge passion for fitness, so I might end up as a fitness trainer who runs a dope fashion blog. Or maybe I’ll be a personal shopper who happens to be very fit. I guess time will tell…

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