December 6, 2022

Everything Brands & Influencers Need to Know About Engagement Rates

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Engagement is everything when it comes to online influencing. If a brand agency wants to uncover the top influencers for their next campaign, they must first understand influencer engagement. This article will go over engagement, it’s definition, and explain why it's so crucial in todays day and age of online marketing.

A brand agency must first understand influencer engagement to uncover the top influencers for its next campaign. Analyzing an influencer’s performance is critical in determining whether they are a suitable fit for a brand’s campaign.

Any influencer may post attractive photographs and use the proper hashtags, but are they generating results for their partners? A thorough understanding of influencer engagement can assist a brand agency in knowing what to look for when analyzing a shortlist of influencer profiles.
In this article, we’ll define influencer engagement, discuss how to quantify it, and explain why it’s so crucial in today’s day and age of online marketing.

What Exactly Is Engagement?

Engagements include likes, shares, comments, and clicks that a user makes on a certain social media post. Retweets, for instance, are exclusively available on Twitter; therefore, the precise nature of exchanges varies depending on the platform.

Some interactions have greater significance than others. For instance, clicking the “like” or “share” button is more accessible than leaving a comment. The significance of these engagements is ever-changing, like the platforms themselves. For example, it has recently been suggested that comments on a Twitter post now push engagement of a post to other’s timelines more than other interactions might.

Meanwhile, the streaming website Twitch has suggested it is more likely to push somebody to a viewer’s recommended page based on activity in their chat versus straight view count.

Finding the niche of a website’s particular engagement interactions is important when one is an influencer working with popular brands for marketing.

Why is Engagement Important?

By examining the engagement rate of a creator’s followers, you may gain insight into how involved they are. Only influencers adept at producing extremely interesting content will routinely elicit responses from their followers, given the number of posts competing for our attention. An influencer’s engagement rate reveals if they continuously provide high-performing material rather than merely being a snapshot in time.

A key metric of an influencer’s performance overall and their capacity to generate outcomes for your company is their level of engagement with their audience. You may choose the top influencers for your influencer marketing campaign by looking at each influencer’s engagement rate. You can come up with a list of hundreds of influencers throughout your hunt for ones who would be good for your campaign.

An influencer with a high engagement rate is more likely to produce a profitable return on investment and produce tangible results for a company’s brand. Additionally, clicks are a significant element of engagement that are strongly linked to generating conversions.

For instance, if you are conducting an Instagram Story campaign, you should track the number of people that click the link to your store as well as the number of likes and views.

With an always-on influencer strategy, influencers work with a brand over an ongoing period, with engagement measured over time versus a one-time collaboration, and can help a brand become more associated as a partnership!

Macro, Micro & Nano Influencers

Macro-influencers have 50,000 to 1 million followers, while micro-influencers have 10,000 to 50,000 followers and nano-influencers have 1,000 to 10,000 followers.

Nano influencers are particularly interesting, a despite having a little following, they are thought to be more genuine because most of their supporters are friends, relatives, and acquaintances. They frequently share memes and pictures of their loved ones on their less-than-sparkling, cluttered feeds.

These are those who have sufficient personal or professional familiarity with them to respect their advice and judgments. They are just like regular social media users, making them more relevant to their viewers. A nano influencer’s influence is, therefore, very powerful because of the genuine and intimate nature of their interactions.

Why Nano Influencers are key to engagement

Nano-influencers may make up for any lack of reach by being sincere, relatable, and having a genuine connection with their audiences. They are able to engage in meaningful conversation with their followers in DMs, respond to every remark, and develop a connection with them that leads to meaningful engagement.

Due to their relatability, nano-influencers have a considerably better degree of interaction than many celebrities on social media, with an astounding average 8% engagement rate compared to the Instagram average of 1.42%. When looking at how to measure your KPIs, one should look at their average engagements on a post and compare it to their following size.

Boosting Engagement

Be Authentic:
Being more authentic is one of the best strategies to increase social media interaction because the majority of customers claim that authenticity influences their choice of business. When communicating with your audience on social media, choose a social media marketing voice that personifies your business and stays true to it.

Since most social media users like humorous material, you may think about employing comedy as a strategy to increase your shares, comments, or likes when improving your Instagram engagement. Being truthful is another strategy you might employ. Honesty can go a long way in establishing trust with your audience and maintaining their interest in your business online, whether it’s admitting mistakes or expressing your corporate principles.

Share Interesting Material:
In addition to being a terrific approach for gaining new followers, producing original, pertinent social media material also engages current followers. Follow the 80/20 rule when producing content for your social media channels: 80% of your postings should serve to inform, amuse, or assist followers in solving an issue, while the remaining 20% should explicitly promote your company. You may then concentrate on producing high-quality material that your audience will like.

Use Visuals:
You only have approximately three seconds to capture your audience’s attention on social media before they scroll on to the next item in their feed. Videos, pictures, and memes have a higher chance of standing out in the stream and catching your followers’ attention, which may increase interaction overall.
This is especially true on Twitter, where videos are ten times more engaging in postings. Incorporate more visual postings into your social media content schedule by finding creative methods to do so.

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