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This week’s Swayer Spotlight features Katrina, a full-time x-ray technologist with a specialty in pediatrics and mammography. A scroll through her Insta feed will make you want to grab your keys and run straight to HomeSense. Thank goodness they’re open now, just in case you have the urge!

Swayer Katrina holding a drink

Katrina’s home interior style is minimal, with a dash of warmth that makes her home sweet home feel so cozy. She shares home DIY and #ootd tips so give her Insta a visit if you ever need some inspo.

Keep reading to get to know Katrina. You’ll quickly understand that her just-do-it attitude has brought her to where she is today in the nano-influencer world.

Swayer Card


Instagram, Pinterest

Blogging since


3 Words that describe your IG

Everyday, Affordable, Decor

Favourite Stores

Structube, HomeSense, McGee & Co


Life, Style, Home Decor

# of Campaigns


Favourite Insta for Inspo:

@studiomcgee, @modernly_you@housofhire

What do you like to do for fun?

I am an introverted extrovert.  I love grabbing a latte with friends, going out for dinner, or catching a yoga class. I also love time by myself – roaming the isles of HomeSense, cozying up with a good book at home, or dreaming up my next home décor project.

What’s your design style?

I always struggle to fit into a certain décor category. I like a bit of everything!  A bit of modern, a bit of traditional, a bit of boho thrown in.  If I had to describe my style in three words it would be warm, cozy, and fresh.

How have you been finding inspiration while staying inside?

I actually find more inspiration in the quiet times.  It allows me to take the time to really think about what the space needs and how it can be more useful.

Swayer Katrina in jeans drinking from a mug

Do you have a favourite room in the house?

My living room. I love natural light and all the sunshine that comes through my living room windows. Surprisingly it is actually the space that is least finished in my home!

It makes me love it even more because I just sit and dream up fun ways I can add more style into space.

How did you get started working with brands?

My IG started out as mainly a fashion page. I loved sharing my daily outfits. I started working with small clothing shops to help support them and share their brand and it has grown from there.

When we decided to build our home I started sharing more home décor tips and photos, the response was so positive. People love finding new brands, learn about affordable ways to decorate, and personalize their home.

How did you build the community of followers that you have now?

It is all about connections! I started with 100 followers who were my friends and family. Then I started making real connections with other people and other bloggers.

Many of my closest cheerleaders through this are people I have never met in real life. They are people who I have connected with through IG. If you focus on being authentic, sharing what you love, and really connecting with people, THAT builds your community.

What type of content generates the most engagement with your followers?

My followers love home décor, especially DIYs or styling shelves, which makes sense because people love practical tips and tricks that they can incorporate into their own lives.


What’s your secret on how to pitch to brands successfully?

Make it more about the company than about yourself. Show what you can do to help them and their business!

If you had a chance to start over, what would you do differently?

If I could do it all again, knowing what I know now, I would just dive in.

I wouldn’t worry about having the right camera or putting together the right outfits. I would simply start sharing what I love. You learn, change, and grow as you go.

What are some challenges you have faced as a nano-influencer?

I think the biggest difficulty is myself. It can be easy to look at your following number and think you are too small to reach out to a brand, or not good enough.

In the end, the number doesn’t mean anything. If you have the quality content, the ideas, the drive, and the engagement to support it, you can be just like any “big number” blogger.

What do you want to have accomplished 5 years from now?

I would love to still be in the social media world 5 years from now. I hope that I can continue to grow my community, make amazing connections, and help others truly love their personal style and their homestyle. We all deserve to feel great about ourselves.

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