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When she’s not busy traveling the world, you can find Evie hitting up all of her favorite food joints in Toronto. This foodie has already been to 21 countries and is itching to discover more. What started out as a hobby, quickly spiraled into something she couldn’t even imagine! Her witty Instagram captions will keep you entertained while the bold and exciting food photos will keep you asking for more.

Let’s get to know Evie!


How did you first break into the foodie scene?

I started my Instagram account as a passion to share awesome food that I love and that quickly gained a following. Less than 2 months of having my Instagram account, I was very lucky to be invited to media tasting events.

To date I have collaborated with over 100 restaurants/brands. I think with the food industry, it’s “easier” to get invitations because restaurants are constantly coming up with new menus and new items.

How did you build the community you have now?

I created my foodie Instagram in February 2019. Within a month, I reached the first 1000 followers, for which I am super thankful. I post consistently about the food that I love and little trinkets of daily life which helped the account grew more.

What’s your favourite cuisine?

I love all types of food but I would always crave Asian cuisines such as Korean BBQ, Chinese hotpot, sushi, etc.

Swayer Evie at a table

Hit us with your favorite restaurant recommendations!

Oh gosh, this is like asking a parent who’s their favorite child!!! I have way too many restaurants that I love. Here are some of my favorites (All restaurants listed are within the Greater Toronto Area):

  • Bubbletea (Yang’s, Kungfu Tea, Chatime, Coco, Chaplus)
  • Noodles (Artisan Noodle, Magic Noodle, Konjiki, Sansotei, Dagu)
  • Japanese (Miku, J bistro, Project Fish, Gyugyuya)
  • Korean (Little Piggy’s Korean BBQ, Daldongnae, Hodo Kwaja for the best walnut cake)
  • French, Italian &Portugese (Adega, Bar Buca, Auberge du Pommier)
  • Chinese (Liuyishou Hotpot, Dimsum Queen, XinJiang Restaurant,  Acorner Café, Congee Queen)
  • Dessert  (Petit Potato’s Toast Tower, Kekou Gelato, Nadege, Fuwa Fuwa, Pablo’s Cheesetart, Cacao70, D Spot, Crown Princess Baklava)

Who is your favourite food icon?

Oh gosh, there are so many people that I look up to.

I’m giving a shout out to Patrick @feedmyphone, he was the first person to invite me to a media tasting and I will forever be grateful for that opportunity! I also LOVE the photos from @myfoodnation@devondine@richardjwtang, and many more.

I also really like Mark Wiens’ Youtube videos where he gets to travel the world and try different local cuisines, that would be my dream job!


What is the biggest challenge you face as a content creator?

When I first started, I found that it was really easy to experience FOMO (millennial slang – fear of missing out). Especially when your feed is filled with similar content creators eating these amazing foods, trying out awesome products, and attend different events.

To get over this feeling, I would often think to myself how fortunate I am with the things that I already get to do and that others have worked really hard to grow their personal brands. A person can’t be invited to every single event and collaboration, so it’s definitely a journey of staying humble and grounded.

What is the #1 key to success in generating engagement?

You can’t have engagement without engaging with your audience. I love seeing people’s comments and responding back and forth. This helps me form authentic relationships with my followers.

Post something you genuinely love and be honest. This truly reflects my opinions on foods and the products that I share on my feed.


Tips on getting the perfect angle for food pics?

The perfect angle for food pictures doesn’t exist. The trick is to NOT aim for perfection. Everyone has their own preference for angles, brightness, and layout. Just play with different plates and props until you are happy with the picture. That’s all 🙂

Do you want to still be an influencer 5 years from now? If so, what do you want to accomplish by then?

Woo, that’s a good one. I would hope that Instagram and other social media platforms are still relevant in 5 years. If I can, I would love to continue to create content. By then, I would like to have started a personal blog or a Youtube channel. My goal is always the same – to establish authentic connections with my audience and share what I love.

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