Best Cyber Monday Deals For Influencers & Creators

Happy Cyber Monday! Check out these photo/video editing apps and social media scheduling platform deals you can sign up for right now. Made for all influencers and content creators! What are you waiting for? Adobe Creative Cloud -- $39.99 USD/mo $52.99/mo Expires on December 3rd. Offer available in the United States, Canada (excluding Quebec) Get all 20+ creative desktop and mobile apps including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and Acrobat. Offer available to first-time subscribers of Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps. Click To See Deal -- 60% off all plans [...]

Black Friday Deals For Influencers

Are you ready to step your content game up in 2021? We've asked our most prominent nano-influencers for their secret sauce on what's driving their engagement and their answer has always been "produce high-quality content". Of course, there are so many elements involved, including the type of content relevant to your followers and niche, your influential voice, production value, authenticity, and so much more. It's a formula that not many can decipher. You must know how to work social media to your advantage. It's scary, especially when you've only just started your influencer career. But we've gotta start somewhere. [...]

Swayer Spotlight: @linder_surprise

Based in Toronto, this rising TikTok and Reels star, boasting 1M+ views, is killing it as a food & lifestyle nano-influencer. Get to know more about Linda and hit the follow button to add some joy to your life!  Socials:   @linder_surprise🦋 90s slang 🦋 vs 2020 ##foryou ##fyp ##90s ##slangchallenge ##90skids♬ original sound - Linda What were you doing before you became an influencer? I was studying marketing and public relations at the University of Toronto. One of the projects I had to create was a blog website. I really enjoyed creating [...]

10 Mental Health Advocates To Follow On Instagram

The Okay Movement was created by Peersway to offer a safe space for our influencers to share stories, seek support, and discover resources for mental health.  @lesleyannparris “if you need to talk, I’m a dm away” Having struggled with anxiety and depression for 10 years, this influencer and wellness mentor has been using her platform to speak about mental illnesses and be the support system for her followers.  She’s the founder of Empathy + Me Podcast and the movement #PutYourselfInYourOwnShoes, empowering people who have experienced a wide variety of trauma by sharing truths, providing resources, and supporting individuals [...]

Swayer Spotlight @myworldoftravels

Say hi to Lina! Born in Cairo, Egypt, she spent the majority of her childhood in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and now resides in good ol' Toronto!  This mom-to-be has been making her strides as a nano-influencer for the last 3 years, organically grew her account to 7K+ followers, and with a blog on the way, she's definitely killing it in the lifestyle and travel space! Keep scrolling to get to know Lina and remember to head to her Insta when you're done to tap that follow button. Socials: @myworldoftravels # of Years As A Content Creator: 3 Favourite [...]

Swayer Spotlight @hamiltonhippie

Nicole runs a dreamy Instagram channel where she features local fashion finds in addition to her travel adventures and beauty faves. She is an entrepreneur with two successful online businesses celebrating local makers and thrifty living. With a great sense of style and 3 years of influencing under her belt with over 100 campaigns completed, she's giving a peep into her influencer journey, how she got here, and thoughts on Instagram hot topics and brand collaborations. Socials: @hamiltonhippie @boughtitlocal @steeltownsistas Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario # of Years Influencing: Three Niche: Everything Local; Fashion (Thrifted/Local), Lifestyle, Couples, Travel, Pets, Food, [...]

OTOblocs X Peersway Giveaway

Meet OTOblocs, a startup offering products based on a modular block system from fidget toys to furniture. Laura Amadi, the founder of OTOblocs, has a background in architectural design and currently enrolled in the Masters of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Queens University. This entrepreneur has created OTOblocs so that she could work to create innovative products for urban living that empower change in people's daily life and inspire creative thinking. "I hope to inspire young female entrepreneurs and designers to live by their values and pursue a career that allows them to make the change they want to [...]

Swayer Spotlight – Tasnim

Originally from Bangladesh, born in Swansea, Wales, Tasnim has lived all over the world growing up! This has sparked the desire to see the world which you get to see through her Instagram. She’s currently residing in Toronto with her husband and son. Her influencer journey began with food; although that was her first love, she was eager to share more of her life. We’re so glad she did because not only do we get to add new recipes to our list, we can also add new travel destinations to our bucket list! When she’s not influencing, she’s busy [...]

Swayer Spotlight – Diana

As an African immigrant from Cameroon, starting over in a new country has provided many challenges for Diana. From learning a new culture to adjusting to a new climate, getting a job, and making new friends - adjusting to her new life was not going to be an easy feat. The biggest challenge she has faced was finding a job. Now, if you’re an immigrant in Canada, you probably have experienced the common rejection from a hiring manager regarding your “Canadian work experience”. It’s the old catch-22 in action. Frustrated that was, Diana did not lose her determination. Through [...]

Swayer Spotlight – Tina

Based in Toronto, this content creator is paving the way for a new wave of Instagram influencers. Gone are the days where being a successful content creator meant that you had to hide all of your tricks or viewed other people in the industry as direct competition. Gone are the days where your Instagram successes lie solely on vanity metrics, such as likes & follows. The new wave of Instagram influencers is all about helping and inspiring others through creativity. It is why we’re so excited to see many of our Swayers making this their mission. Today, we're highlighting [...]