March 2, 2023

How Influencer Marketing Can Help Your Company Launch a New Product

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The use of influencer marketing is critical to the successful launch of a product. However, as with any other type of marketing strategy, an influencer strategy must be developed first. This article will discuss how to use influencer marketing for your next product launch and how to have influencers promote your brand.

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The use of influencer marketing is essential to the launch of a successful product. Creators provide a degree of authenticity and relatability that brands simply cannot, which is why collaborating with creators is one of the most effective ways to drive awareness efficiently.

Most consumers say they purchased because they were motivated to do so by an influencer. However, just like with any other marketing strategy, it is essential to develop an influencer strategy that is not only based on best practices but also flexible and adaptable.

The following is how to have influencers promote your brand and utilize influencer marketing for your next product launch.

What exactly is a “product launch”?

The process of introducing something brand new to the market is known as a “product launch.” It is just as important to successfully launch a product as developing it. Customers and even company employees won’t be aware of the launch if it isn’t done effectively, and if it isn’t done correctly, a product launch can sometimes hurt sales. If the launch is done effectively, especially when using the top influencer marketing agency to help you, customers will be aware of it. When it comes to the launch of a product, early planning is absolutely essential, especially in situations where influential people will be involved. Here are some things to think about before forming a partnership with an influencer to launch a product.

  • Content: What is it that you hope to convey through influencers?
  • Platform: What presentation and positioning will best convey your message?
  • Goal: What is the intended result of the message you are spreading through influencers?
  • Timeframe: When would users find it valuable to hear your message?
  • Importance: How significant is your message?

Why you should take influencers into consideration when launching your next product

There is a sound business rationale behind why 17% of businesses allocate more than half of their marketing budget to influencers. The unique ability to persuade followers on a level that is relatable is a key characteristic of an influencer, as is the fact that their opinions are respected. To such an extent that 61% of people interact with an influencer on a daily basis or more — I’m not sure if brands can compete with that.

When launching a product, how do you go about collaborating with various influencers?

You should start looking for potential influencer partnerships several months, or even a year, in advance of the event. The procedure shouldn’t look all that different from how we work with them on other projects because it should follow a similar flow. The procedure should feel very much the same, with the exception that it should begin much earlier.

Find the right people to influence others for the launch of your product.

There are five primary approaches to locating influential people. Your own brand channels, brand affinity intel, online groups, the Instagram platform itself, and software search platforms. When searching for influencer partners, there are a few things that you should keep in mind, and here they are:


To increase brand awareness for your product, we suggest forming partnerships with a diverse range of micro and macro influences. Micro-influencers can reach and engage with a more specific audience than macro-influencers can, who have a much larger audience, to begin with.


What is their average engagement rate? Does this influencer engage in regular conversation with the people who follow them on social media?

Previous Partnerships

What kinds of brands do they typically work with to form partnerships? Have they spoken positively about your brand in the past? The ideal scenario is that they are already a supporter of your brand and have not collaborated with any of your rivals.

Include the opinion leaders in the pre-launch planning process.

When is the appropriate time to include influencers in the process? Find the ideal partners for your influencer marketing for a small business and get them involved as early as possible in the pre-launch process so they can test out the products and offer their input. Their input can be helpful because they speak for your ideal customer profile. They will have a sense of ownership over the launch thanks to their participation.

Examples of product launches

Ambassadorship for the brand

Find a group of influential people who will promote the product by posting regularly over a period of several months about how it complements their way of life and how they will be introducing it. In addition to this, you should encourage them to mention that they are a brand ambassador in their profile so that any new followers who land on their page will see this information first. Ambassadorships for brands provide a sense of greater authenticity and resemble more of a partnership than a one-time transaction. Here, we discuss the significance of brand ambassadors and why they are necessary.

Posting schedules that are strategic

If you want to make a big splash with your managed influencer marketing campaigns and activate a large number of influencers, you should think about having them all post on the same day and at the same time.

Activating the page for the brand is the very last step. 53% of consumers always do research prior to purchasing to ensure that they are making the most informed decision possible. Repurpose content created by influencers and posted on the brand’s page, and answer frequently asked questions to make customers feel comfortable purchasing. In addition to everything else, one of the most significant advantages of forming strategic alliances with influential people is the opportunity to obtain content—and lots of it! Take advantage of it by repurposing it not only on the social pages associated with the brand but also on your website, digital ads, email ads, and other places.

Peersway gives you the ability to construct your campaign.

Peersway is a full-service marketing business that oversees marketing plans and campaigns for nano and micro-influencers. There are many benefits of working with an influencer marketing agency for your product launches. For starters, you’ll be working with expert campaign managers who will handle everything for you, from finding influencers to analyzing campaign results. You have been given this opportunity.

This will save you time while allowing you to focus on other critical parts of your organization. When you work with us, you will only communicate with trusted nano- and micro-influencers because our team does background checks on each influencer before allowing them to join the network.

We promise that you will only work with recognized influencers to achieve the outcomes you need. Engaging with influencers as you see fit allows you to effortlessly scale your campaign. You can also operate within a predetermined budget, eliminating any uncertainty about your campaign’s costs and allowing you to plan it more effectively.

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