Influencer Marketing Agency Toronto

Peersway is the leading influencer marketing agency in Toronto connecting brands with the city’s top nano-influencers to develop successful campaigns across social media.

We believe in the future of influencer marketing and what nano influencers can bring to the space. Let us show you how our end-to-end managed campaigns can help you grow your business.

Take your brand to the next level with our top influencer marketing agency in Canada.

Work with a Connected Nano-Influencer Agency in Toronto

Connect with thousands of nano-influencers in Toronto

Our experienced marketing team works with a vast network of nano influencers across North America committed to helping businesses achieve greater brand awareness.

More engagement for less cost

Working with 15 nano-influencers is equivalent to one macro-influencer. Our approach to digital marketing equals maximum brand exposure with cost-effective solutions.

Nano-influencers with big engagement

We partner with the city's top nano-influencers to ensure your content is viewed by diverse audiences in Toronto and across North America.

Fully managed influencer marketing campaigns

We take care of the day-to-day responsibilities of influencer marketing and will manage your campaign from start to finish so that you can focus on your company's long-term goals.

Maximized exposure

Nano-influencers are eager to build their brand and audience relationships and will work hard to promote your brand on their growing platform.

Affordable pricing for influencer marketing in Toronto

We offer four unique pricing packages to help our clients choose the right services for their budget. Our influencer marketing solutions are free of subscriptions, contracts, or activation fees.


How Peersway Influencer Marketing Works in Toronto

1. Launch Campaign

We take the time to understand our clients' goals for audience engagement before launching their campaign with our network of nano-influencers.

2. Source Influencers

Our marketing specialists source the best-fitting nano-influencers from Toronto to guarantee maximum audience engagement.

3. Track Campaign

We'll track your campaign's progress and review all content to ensure it promotes your brand truthfully and meets your standards.

4. Report Performance

We provide complete monthly reports and a final campaign report, so you're always kept in the loop.

Agencies and Brands We Currently Work With

At Peersway, we believe in the future of influencer marketing. We work with brands and agencies in a variety of industries to help them realize the possibilities, including beauty and personal care, food and beverage, events, and more. Learn how our influencer marketing agency can help you harness the power of nano-influencers and maximize your brand’s online presence.

Our Toronto Influencer Marketing Reviews

We were able to reach hundreds of thousands of Canadians through the nano-influencers — something that we would not have been able to do alone.
Sarah Jamal
Communications Manager, Environmental Defence
They make running an influencer campaign really easy as they coordinate everything and shortlist the candidates for you.
CEO, Mint Smilebar

Influencer Marketing in Toronto

Toronto has become a hub for social media influencers thanks to its diverse communities, arts and culture scene, and delicious culinary opportunities. The city’s diverse community of content creators offers unique opportunities to brands in the city and across Canada that are looking to enhance their online presence and embrace new consumers.

At Peersway, we help companies in Toronto understand the possibilities of influencer marketing by providing quality campaign management with a focus on nano-influencers. Our cost-effective solutions combine the engagement of Toronto influencers with our marketing expertise to guarantee greater brand exposure.

Let us help you elevate and expand your brand across social media with our professional Toronto influencer marketing agency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Influencer Marketing in Toronto

Why hire a Toronto influencer marketing agency?

Finding creative marketing solutions is an essential part of building brand awareness and increasing consumer engagement. A Toronto influencer agency is a professional resource that can help you spread your brand’s message and promote your products or services in a more connected way.

An influencer marketing agency works directly with influencers to create brand-specific campaigns that are effectively marketed to their followers. With most consumers engaging with a variety of different social platforms daily, it’s crucial for companies to connect with new audiences more authentically in this space.

What separates Peersway from other influencer marketing agencies in Toronto?

At Peersway, we understand how overwhelming and time-consuming content creation can be when you’re looking to increase your brand’s online presence. That’s why we’re proud to be a full-service influencer marketing agency in Toronto with over 500 campaigns successfully launched since 2017.

We take on the entire process of influencer marketing. We begin by finding influencers that can accurately promote your brand and have established a loyal and engaging audience. We’ll take care of influencer negotiations, communications, and monitor the campaign as it goes live.

We provide detailed monthly reports so you’re never second-guessing your results. Our services are more cost-effective than our competitors, so you can select the plan that works for your budget.

What businesses do we work with in Toronto?

At Peersway, we’re proud to be an influencer marketing agency in Toronto that has worked with a wide variety of brands and agencies across several industries.

We’ve helped established beauty brands build loyal consumer followings while simultaneously working with non-profit organizations to promote their message to larger audiences. We understand each client and their company offers something unique and we work hard to ensure we’re matching the right nano-influencers to the right brands.

Take a look at our full list of case studies to learn how we provide full-service marketing solutions to our clients across North America.

What does influencer marketing cost in Toronto?

At Peersway, we make it easy to select an influencer marketing pricing plan that works for your budget. We offer four distinct packages ranging from our starter to our premium plans. Each plan includes a dedicated campaign manager, influencer compensation, and monthly reports.

We provide comfort and peace of mind to our clients by guaranteeing zero subscriptions, contracts, setup fees, or activation fees.

Get in touch with our influencer marketing agency in Toronto to learn which pricing option is right for your business.

How can I join Peersway’s Toronto influencer marketing network?

The first step to working with our Toronto influencer agency is deciding which pricing option is right for your business. Our marketing specialists can help you determine the appropriate budget and campaign management options at your disposal.

Once we have established your budget, we’ll work with you and your team to understand your marketing goals, engagement projections, and target audience. We’ll use our influencer marketing insights and expertise to select the right influencer groups for your project and provide consistent and transparent communication along the way.

When will I see results from influencer marketing in Toronto?

At Peersway, we provide monthly reports so you can track your campaign’s progress and make any necessary adjustments. We understand that every campaign is unique and is being promoted to a diverse audience. Our team will work with you to understand your expectations and determine how we can ensure desired results.

What industries does Peersway work with in Toronto?

Our experienced influencer marketing agency has helped brands and agencies across a wide variety of industries create successful social media marketing campaigns using Toronto’s most popular nano-influencers.

We’ve worked with companies in the health and wellness space, the food and beverage industry, the technology sector, non-profit industries and more. We create customized plans that identify your brand’s strengths and find the right influencer or group of creators to promote your products and services.

How do Toronto brands benefit from influencer marketing services?

Today’s social media influencers offer a new and innovative way to reach consumers through more authentic content. With the help of an influencer agency and marketing specialists, companies across Toronto can take advantage of social media opportunities.

A professional Toronto influencer agency will focus on the day-to-day responsibilities of your campaigns, from hiring and negotiating with the city’s top nano-influencers to monitoring campaigns in real-time and providing monthly engagement reports.

At Peersway, we offer quality end-to-end campaign management with real results. We’ve worked with clients across industries, ranging from retail to hospitality, and have successfully helped them grow their brand awareness, retain new customers, and increase their revenue.

We take the stress of campaign management off your hands so you can focus on your company’s long-term goals. Whether you’re looking to promote a new product or introduce your brand to the social media world altogether, let our agency help you take the next step.

How do I start an influencer marketing campaign with Peersway?

If you’re ready to elevate your brand awareness and build new consumer relationships, trust our Toronto influencer agency to help you take the next step.

Visit our office on Sheppard Avenue East or get in touch by phone or email today!