#Peerbake 3-Ingredient Baking Challenge

Two weeks ago, we launched our Instagram 3-Ingredient Baking Challenge. We're so impressed with the creativity and ingenuity of our nano and micro-influencers! We're also surprised by how many submissions we had received that included the use of Oreo cookies. It almost looked like this whole challenge could've been sponsored by Oreo ;) Now whether or not Oreo cookies should be counted as 1 ingredient or not, let's agree to disagree. It was definitely a tough call for us to narrow down to just one winner. We want to congratulate our winner @vancitynbeyond on sharing such an awesome recipe [...]

Swayer Spotlight – Teal

Some might recognize Teal as a name for shades of cyan, but to her 4k+ followers, she’s their go-to chick for a fire #OOTD inspo. Born and raised in London, Ontario, residing near Toronto, she’s keeping busy in the digital space by planning and creating content,  and managing socials, for a magazine and various blogs and businesses. On top of everything, she’s also working on getting her Personal Training license! So if you’re ever looking for a well-dressed digital creator that’s into fitness, she’s your girl. Keep reading to find out how she got into the age of influence, [...]

Swayer Spotlight – Evie

When she’s not busy traveling the world, you can find Evie hitting up all of her favorite food joints in Toronto. This foodie has already been to 21 countries and is itching to discover more. What started out as a hobby, quickly spiraled into something she couldn’t even imagine! Her witty Instagram captions will keep you entertained while the bold and exciting food photos will keep you asking for more. Let’s get to know Evie! Socials: Instagram: @eat.with.evie Tik Tok: @eat.with.evie How did you first break into the foodie scene? I started my Instagram account as a passion [...]

Swayer Spotlight – Mia

Hey, everyone! This week, we’re shining the spotlight on Mia! She’s from Burnaby, B.C. (yes, we had to look it up on the map 😅). We’ll save you the trouble, it’s only 13km SE of Vancouver. There’s your geography lesson for the day! This fashion and lifestyle Swayer is giving us a peep into her journey of becoming a nano-influencer. She’s sharing the biggest challenge she has faced as a content creator, and it’s so relatable. Want to know how she has built a genuine following with authentic engagement? Read on! Socials: Instagram: @ohh.miaa Tik Tok: @ohhmiaa Pinterest: @ohhmia15 [...]

Free Step-By-Step Photo Editing Tutorials and Tips from Peersway Influencers

🚨 Warning, top-secret information! 🚨 We’re here to help you check one crucial task off of your spring cleaning list. No, it is not to dust the house. You should already be doing that anyway. We’re talking about giving your Instagram feed a facelift. Starting with photo editing. Let’s give your Insta the vibe it deserves. Who’s with us on this one? We’ve teamed up with several talented Peersway nano-influencers to show you how you can achieve that certain look and feel for your Instagram photos that you’ve always desired. Whether you are a professional photographer, own a professional [...]

Swayer Spotlight – Mariss

Mariss, a beauty service technician and body positivity advocate, is here to give us an insight into her world. She has earned her stripes within the nano-influencer community and has participated in 50+ beauty, fashion, and lifestyle campaigns. We got down to the nitty-gritty with this Quebecois to share her thoughts on being a nano-influencer! Social: : @_callmemariss Tell us about a typical day in your week I do my morning beauty routine by integrating some of the products I have to test while presenting some of them on Instagram story. Then I have [...]

Swayer Spotlight: Carolina

This artsy Latina mom is here to add color and positivity to your world. Originally from Venezuela, residing in Lorraine, Quebec, she loves to sprinkle colours everywhere she goes. When she’s not teaching Spanish and art in primary school, or hanging out in cute coffee shops, she is out discovering new colourful corners in different cities to bring to your screen. Here to bring a pop of colour to your day, meet Carolina! Socials:  : @carolina.arts : carolina.arts and arteandoconcarolina Blog: Where do you find inspiration? Instagram is an immense source of [...]

Earth Day 2020: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Tips from Your Peers)

Every year on April 22nd, 1 billion people across 190+ countries continue to evoke consciousness in their community about our planet’s condition and advocate for change. We have one duty, as we continue to make our strides on earth, to transform the world into a more sustainable future for every living species. We’ve linked up with Swayers to celebrate Earth Day’s 50th birthday by advocating for a cleaner and safer environment, sharing tips on how you can make a difference, whether small or large, for a better future. @heyitsaishah “We all should [...]

Swayer Spotlight – Marc Gamboa

We’re thrilled to bring you our latest blog segment, Swayer Spotlight, where we’ll be featuring Peersway’s badass and talented network of nano and micro influencers. This special segment will celebrate each individual’s creative story, and reveal their top secret tips on how to become a successful Swayer. Without further ado, meet Marc! About Marc As a Toronto-based creative professional, Marc has always had a knack for fashion, art, and design. Take a gander at his Instagram feed, you will see that it exudes a certain bright and minimalistic aesthetic that just draws you in immediately. His creative [...]

How To Make Money During The Coronavirus Crisis

We live in such an odd time where cash is no longer the preferred method of payment in supermarkets, restaurants, and beyond. Even though contactless payment rules while we fight COVID-19, we still gotta pay the (dolla dolla) bills y’all. Wu-Tang remains correct, cash still rules everything around us. We’ve gathered a few ingenious money-making ideas you can partake in from the comfort of your own home and we have divided the tips into two sections: how to generate new income how to be smarter with your money So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and see how you [...]