Small Business Sunday – Clean Kiss

After working for many years in Corporate Canada, Jodie left to start a series of businesses relating to health and family. Her experience with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and infertility back in her twenties urged her to make some lifestyle changes to become healthier. This included ditching chemicals and finding natural alternatives for herself and her family wherever she could. Out of desperation to find clean and natural deodorant that would promote health instead of harm, Jodie decided to launch her company, Clean Kiss, to ditch the chemical-filled and aluminum-based antiperspirants that are currently on the market. This [...]

Swayer Spotlight – Leonora

Originally from Albania, Leonora, or Leo - as her close friends and family call her, has been calling Toronto home for the last 10 years. Her Instagram channel is a foodie's dream for all things plant-based! She has always had the urge to make changes to her lifestyle but never had the courage to do it. Five years ago, she finally took the leap after watching the documentary, Cowspiracy. Since then, she decided to launch her Instagram channel to connect with a community that shares a similar passion and interest as hers. Aside from cooking and creating mouth-watering vegan [...]

Small Business Sunday – Cup of Té

Cup of Té, founded by one of Peersway influencers, Taylor Lindsay-Noel, is a premier online retailer of loose leaf organic teas and teaware. Based in Ontario, Canada, the company’s mission is to enrich lives through the experience of premium teas specially made from organic ingredients with each taste offering unique benefits to tea lovers all over the world and every drop telling a story. Taylor’s love for tea started in college when she was searching for an alternative caffeine kick to coffee. After consuming so much tea, she thought to herself, why spend thousands of dollars contributing to corporations [...]

Swayer Spotlight – Katrina

Sometimes we’re so wrapped up in influencer marketing that we forget there’s actually another world out there. Many of our influencers have full-time gigs, yet you guys still manage to find the time to churn out awesome content. We praise your work ethic and constant desire for creativity! This week’s Swayer Spotlight features Katrina, a full-time x-ray technologist with a specialty in pediatrics and mammography. A scroll through her Insta feed will make you want to grab your keys and run straight to HomeSense. Thank goodness they're open now, just in case you have the urge! Katrina's home interior [...]

How To Write An Engaging Instagram Caption

Nowadays, trying to keep up with Instagram can cause major headaches. As a specialized marketing agency for nano-influencers, we want our Swayers to stay ahead of the game and be as sharp as possible. If you or your company need organic Instagram followers, then try this out because real active followers are important for the Instagram profile. Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm is a true mystery but the secret sauce that has been revealed by the social media network has always been to be authentic. As a nano-influencer, you must build a strong foundation from the get-go and keep an authentic [...]

Swayer Spotlight – Kim

Full of personality, this morning radio host for Bell Media - Rouge FM Montreal, is here to give the low down on her experience as a mommy nano-influencer. Getting up before the sun rises is definitely Kim’s thing but you will never see a frown on her face. Don’t believe us? Peep her Instagram! Want to land a successful pitch, write an engaging caption, and build a 7k+ following? Read on! Socials:       Number of Campaigns: 20+ Favourite Instagram accounts to follow: @_ericashaw @aspynovard @themckeens Categories: Mom & Baby Favourite gadgets/apps: VSCO [...]

Free Instagram Fonts

Do you want to take your Instagram to the next level with customized fonts? Well, now you can join the cool kids club and do as they do but add your own flavour! It’s as simple as copy and paste or a quick app download. The website and apps listed below use a large range of different Unicode characters. So technically, they're not really “fonts” but instead are made up of binary codes readable by computers and browsers. Don’t worry, they work across all major platforms (Android, iOS & Windows Phones)! IG FONTS This is a [...]

Small Business Sunday – The Empathy Crate

Having lived through traumatic experiences, Lesley-Ann, founder of Empathy + Me and The Empathy Crate, is on a mission to help survivors heal by providing resources and supporting individuals on their healing journey through self-care and empowerment. Empathy + Me is a platform dedicated to helping trauma survivors heal through compassion, community, and care. Identifying the lack of empathy in the world, she encourages her community to share their stories of trauma and healing. Tune into the E + M podcast to listen to recorded stories from survivors celebrating trauma and triumph. This podcast not only allows guests [...]

Small Business Sunday – White Leaf

She’s a Black entrepreneur with daring dreams. From raising her 4 daughters to launching her own skincare line, she has helped other entrepreneurs along the way and has provided guidance and opportunities to people from low-income neighborhoods. Fighting against all odds, her perseverance to start her own business, and her willingness to give back to the community is a story we’re excited to share with you today. Kaylyn Breeze created White Leaf, a Toronto based handcrafted skincare experience, in 2017 with her husband, Tristan, just three months after giving birth to her second child. Since then, she had two [...]

Black Lives Matter.

Two weeks ago, we decided to stand up and speak out against racism. Our team made the decision to utilize our platform to influence our nano and micro-influencers. It wasn’t a tough decision for us, because there’s only one side to this storyline, that is - racism and systemic discrimination are wrong. We reached out to our Black influencer community and listened to their stories. We reached out to small Black-owned businesses and listened to their stories. We took advantage of #Blackouttuesday to educate ourselves and listened to our Black community. Then, we used our platform to speak up. [...]