January 15, 2023

The Many Benefits of Hiring an Influencer Marketing Agency

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You shouldn’t squander time and resources trying to the learning curve of influencer marketing methods. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using an influencer marketing agency for your next campaign.

The future of influencer marketing looks promising, therefore it makes sense to capitalize on this expanding trend!

Unfortunately, a do-it-yourself approach to this specialized marketing tactic may not produce the desired results. If your team lacks expertise in managing influencers, they may lack the skills and knowledge needed to conduct a successful campaign.

Does this mean you can’t take advantage of the influencer marketing potential? Absolutely not. You can delegate this effort to a seasoned influencer marketing firm.

After all, you can only spend so much money on marketing. You can’t afford to squander time when your team progresses through the first learning curve of influencer marketing methods.

If that isn’t enough to persuade you, here are some of the reasons why you should consider using an influencer marketing agency for your next campaign.

We Find Influencers for Your Brand

Finding the correct influencers is maybe the most difficult aspect of launching an influencer marketing campaign. If this is your first time going through the process, you won’t have any resources to help you get through it faster.

You must begin from the ground up, browsing through social media to discover the perfect type of influencers for your brand, then sending repeated cold letters to see if they are willing to work with your brand.

You can completely avoid this step by working with an influencer marketing business. As an agency, we already have a massive list of Instagrammers and TikTokers at their disposal at the press of a button. Each one has previously been verified to ensure that they provide high-quality material that increases interaction.

You’ll be allocated a manager who will select the best persons for your campaign based on their professional judgment and industry tools.

We Work with The Influencers

Our agency will not only make the initial contact for you but provide completely managed campaigns, which means they will do all possible to keep your Instagrammer happy. Negotiating affordable prices and explaining your goals and content briefs are all part of it. They’ll even monitor material as it goes live and pay your influencer once their endorsement post is published.

All of this attention to detail saves your team a significant amount of time. You will not be bogged down in endless email threads arguing costs or content. Instead, you may concentrate on the tasks at hand, confident that your agency is acting in your best interests.

Organizations Analytics that can be measured

Reporting is a vital stage in any marketing campaign, whether it is an influencer campaign or a more traditional strategy.

You want to know how far your campaign has reached and how many people have engaged with it in order to calculate your return on investment. It tells you whether your campaign was a good use of your budget or a waste of your money.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are packaged in simple wrap reports by an agency, so you know exactly how your campaign fared across all social media channels. These data-driven insights might assist you in making financial decisions for your next influencer marketing campaign.

Managed Campaigns

We offer premium service that handles everything so you can focus on your business. This not only saves you time and effort but also assures that everything is overseen by an expert. We offer fully managed campaigns for your next marketing venture.

When you spend money on marketing, you want to know that your campaign will be successful. So why take a chance on the unknown? Choose an agency with a track record of success. Investigate specific campaigns to determine engagement rates and ROI.

We Specialize in Nano Influencers

When looking for someone to help improve your digital campaign, there are numerous types of influencers to look for as a brand.

  • Nano: 1,000-10,000 followers
  • Micro: 10,000-50,000 followers
  • Macro: 500,000-1,000,000 fans
  • Mega: 1,000,000 or more followers

While macro and mega content creators are anticipated to be celebrities with global brand awareness, nano influencers are ordinary people who have a higher number of followers than the average person.

Here’s why we specialize in smaller influencers.

Better ROI for your Business

A solid return on investment is required for any successful campaign.

A firm generally earns significantly more in return for every dollar invested in influencer marketing strategies. Because of nano influencers’ higher engagement levels and cheaper fees, you’re likely to get an even stronger ROI for your campaign.

A large fan base comes at a high cost. Because one macro influencer costs the same as 15 nano influencers, focusing on smaller accounts provides your budget more breathing room.

You might work with a small group of content providers to keep your costs low when you’re just starting started.

Higher Engagement

Smaller Influencers have taken the time to build long-term relationships with their fans. Because of their relevant cachet, their admirers connect with their stuff more and making them more efficient influencers for you.

While micro influencers typically have a higher interaction rate, professional influencer marketing firms frequently outperform this norm when developing nano campaigns. Certain campaigns can even reach double digits.

These organizations may make such lofty claims because they are successful in recruiting the greatest supporters for your cause.

They’re Trusted

Authenticity is a big deal on social media. While most people on Instagram ignore typical marketing postings — 96% of consumers distrust advertisements — they are prepared to listen to what nano content producers have to say. This is because they are everyday people who create genuine material.

They aren’t just some star promoting the latest company that will pay them a million dollars. Nanos may not be able to support themselves just as influencers. Nano content creators are perceived as more legitimate and relatable providers of information about businesses, products, and services because they may have a day job.

Bottom Line:

Hiring an influencer marketing firm saves you time and effort in identifying influencers and cultivating strong relationships with these content creators. But, more importantly, you can rely on their particular expertise to create an effective campaign. Whether it’s hiring influencers for small business campaigns, or widescale worldwide campaigns, Peersway’s trusted network and background have you covered.

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