Influencer Marketing Agency Los Angeles

Peersway is a leading influencer marketing agency in Los Angeles connecting brands and agencies in LA with the city’s top nano influencers. We believe in the future of influencer marketing.

We specialize in professional end-to-end campaign management to create seamless social media campaigns that showcase everything your brand has to offer.

Our global influencer agency offers one of the largest networks of nano influencers in North America, delivering cost-effective campaign management solutions that help you connect with audiences around the world.

Learn how our experienced marketing agency in Los Angeles can help you realize the potential of influencer marketing.

Work with a Connected Nano-Influencer Agency in Los Angeles

Connect with thousands of nano-influencers in Los Angeles

Our agency offers one of the largest nano influencer networks in North America for a unique marketing experience with real results.

More engagement for less cost

Nano influencers offer some of the highest levels of engagement and revenue at a fraction of the cost of a macro influencer.

Nano-influencers with big engagement

Nano influencers know how to connect with their followers, making them the best candidates for brands looking to grow their brand’s online presence.

Fully managed influencer marketing campaigns

Our end-to-end campaign management solutions help you focus on growing your business while we take care of your social media engagement.

Maximized exposure

We work with leading nano influencers in LA to create social media campaigns that showcase everything that makes your brand one-of-a-kind.

Affordable pricing for influencer marketing

We offer four unique influencer marketing pricing packages so you can choose the influencer marketing solution that works for your brand and budget.


How Peersway Influencer Marketing Works in Los Angeles

1. Launch Campaign

With insight into your brand and your goals for growth and engagement top of mind, we'll launch your campaign on our professional platform.

2. Source Influencers

We source and vet the top nano influencers in Los Angeles to ensure your campaign is authentic and can engage with their followers.

3. Track Campaign

We provide monthly reports with detailed KPIs so you can track your campaign's progress and ensure each influencer is accurately representing your brand.

4. Report Performance

At the end of your campaign, we provide a final report for your records and take care of processing payments for each nano influencer involved.

Agencies and Brands We Currently Work With

At Peersway, we work with leading brands and agencies in Los Angeles to help them realize the potential of nano influencer marketing. We provide end-to-end campaign management that drives engagement, delivers a competitive cost-per-engagement, and promotes your brand through the authenticity of the city’s leading nano influencers. Whether you’re a non-profit organization or an up-and-coming mobile app, our Instagram influencer marketing agency in Los Angeles is ready to help you connect with millions of consumers across North America.

Our Los Angeles Influencer Marketing Reviews

We were able to reach hundreds of thousands of Canadians through the nano-influencers — something that we would not have been able to do alone.
Sarah Jamal
Communications Manager, Environmental Defence
They make running an influencer campaign really easy as they coordinate everything and shortlist the candidates for you.
CEO, Mint Smilebar

Influencer Marketing in ​​Los Angeles

Offering everything from the laid-back atmosphere in Santa Monica to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Los Angeles is one of the hottest spots for influencers. With a wide range of aesthetics to choose from, influencer marketing in Los Angeles has taken off in a big way.

At Peersway, we connect the top nano influencers in LA with brands and agencies looking to elevate their social media presence. Our campaign management solutions are customized to match your vision and fit your budget, whether you’re a mid-size brand looking to scale your campaign or a large company looking to promote a new product.

We source nano influencers in LA that have proven relationships with their followers and can guarantee authentic engagement from their campaigns. Whether you’re promoting a new app, an exclusive event, or the latest wellness product, our experienced marketing agency ensures your campaign reaches consumers across North America.

Frequently Asked Questions About Influencer Marketing in Los Angeles

Why hire a Los Angeles influencer marketing agency?

An influencer talent agency in Los Angeles provides the network and resources that brands need to create effective social media campaigns that not only represent their messaging but also engage authentically with new audiences.

Creating content on social platforms for brands and agencies is about more than filming a promotional video, uploading it, and hoping audiences interact with it. It takes an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviors, Instagram trends, and knowledge of how nano influencers can help bridge the gap.

Peersway is a social media influencer agency in Los Angeles connecting companies with the top nano influencers in LA and North America. With our fully managed campaigns, we help elevate clients’ brand awareness across platforms like Instagram.

What separates Peersway from other influencer marketing agencies in Los Angeles?

Peersway is not just an influencer agency in Toronto, Canada. We provide end-to-end influencer marketing in Los Angeles and across North America, connecting brands and agencies with the top nano influencers in their city. We go above and beyond to help our clients build brand awareness, audience engagement, and revenue without sacrificing costs.

Our cost-effective marketing solutions are designed around your flexibility and convenience and offer four unique pricing packages to choose from. Whether you’re an up-and-coming startup or an established brand, our influencer marketing agency in LA has the tools and resources to elevate your social media presence through top content creators.

Our process is thorough and efficient from start to finish, from vetting and onboarding each influencer to your final campaign reports. We ensure each campaign speaks to your brand, your mission, and is conveyed with accuracy and genuine enthusiasm.

We’ve helped brands and agencies in LA and North America become industry leaders through engaging social media content and we’re ready to help you take the next step.

What businesses do we work with in Los Angeles?

At Peersway, we’ve worked with a wide range of businesses across Los Angeles, ranging from non-profit organizations to cosmetic companies. Our marketing solutions are tailored to each client to ensure their team of influencers can accurately and authentically communicate the benefits of each business to their followers.

What does influencer marketing cost in Los Angeles?

The cost of influencer marketing in Los Angeles can vary in price, depending on each client’s campaign goals and the number of influencers they’re interested in working with.

At Peersway, we offer four influencer marketing pricing options for your convenience, ranging from starter to premium packages. Each package includes a dedicated campaign manager, influencer compensation, and monthly reports.

No matter which package you select, you can feel confident knowing you won’t be charged a subscription fee or activation fee and are not under contract with our marketing agency.

How can I join Peersway’s Los Angeles influencer marketing network?

The first step to working with our Los Angeles influencer marketing agency is creating a marketing budget that works for your company. We offer four distinct pricing packages to help you decide which option makes sense for your brand.

Once we have a clear idea of your budget, we’ll take the time to build out your campaigns and identify what you want to communicate to new audiences. Our team will vet and onboard each influencer for your campaign and provide detailed monthly reports so you can view its progress in real-time.

Get in touch with our professional influencer marketing platform in Los Angeles today to get started.

When will I see results from influencer marketing in Los Angeles?

While each campaign’s success is unique, our marketing agency provides detailed monthly reports so you can monitor your progress in real-time. Our marketing specialists will work closely with each influencer to ensure your brand is promoted authentically and your campaigns are receiving maximum engagement.

What industries does Peersway work with in Los Angeles?

At Peersway, we’ve helped brands and agencies engage with social media audiences across North America in every major industry, ranging from technology to health and wellness.

We manage customized, cost-effective campaigns that speak to each industry’s audience through the city’s most compelling nano influencers. We are proud to have successful campaigns under our belts with notable brands like Knorr, St. Ash, Puma Cali and more.

Get in touch with our marketing agency today to learn how we can help your brand realize the potential of nano influencers and social media marketing.

How do Los Angeles brands benefit from influencer marketing services?

Influencer marketing agencies can help businesses across Los Angeles realize the benefits of nano influencers and digital marketing, including:

Brand Awareness

With the number of consumers shopping online growing by the day, social media has become a unique tool to reach consumers that traditional marketing has been unable to achieve. By partnering with LA’s top nano influencers, we help brands build greater awareness and increase their revenue in the process.

Creative Content Strategies

By embracing new and innovative marketing tools, we help brands stay competitive in their markets and at the top of consumers’ minds and social media feeds.

Building Partnerships

We connect LA businesses with the city’s best content creators for long-lasting partnerships that benefit both parties. Our clients can feel confident knowing we vet each influencer that becomes a part of our team.

How do I start an influencer marketing campaign with Peersway?

If you’re ready to connect with engaged audiences across North America, trust our influencer management agency in Los Angeles to guide you through the process.

Get in touch with Peersway today via phone or email and let us help you take the next step.