Peersway Culture

Peersway is composed of a small, tight-knit team that prides themselves on honesty and collaboration above all else. We say what we mean, and we reach out for help whenever needed. At the core of our company values, we respect each others’ humanity and we demonstrate that in the way we interact with one another. At Peersway, we foster an inclusive, inviting, and supportive working environment. Brainstorming as a team is a highly common practice here as we love collaborating together and bouncing ideas off of each other. We strive to always put our best work forward but we also value a strong work-life balance.

We are passionate about connecting people with amazing products!

Peersway seeks to provide brands of all sizes, and small businesses with high quality content creation, and higher engagement, for a fraction of the cost that larger influencers or traditional marketing services charge. We pride ourselves in working together to get the best results for our clients, while also keeping our influencer community happy and bringing them opportunities to connect and represent brands they align with. Our team’s friendly attitude, attention to detail and appreciation for deadlines has resulted in hundreds of successful influencer marketing campaigns, partnering with companies ranging from local businesses to major brands.

Peersway Team

Arnab Majumdar

Founder & CEO

Arnab created Peersway with the vision of making large scale influencer campaigns affordable and easy for brands. While not working, you will find him reading about new startups and watching documentaries.

Brenda Chow

Senior Campaign Manager

Brenda graduated from University of Toronto with a major in Statistics, but has always been interested in marketing and social media in her undergrad. She tested her curiosity and she is now passionate about influencer marketing and consumer products. While not working, Brenda enjoys long walks around Toronto and exploring the food scene in the city (especially ice cream and sushi!)

Rose Yu

Campaign Manager

Rose Graduated from TMU (formally known as Ryerson) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. She had always had an interest in social media and marketing and was quick to start pursuing her passions. Rose enjoys learning about the influencer marketing world, and happy to bring her enthusiasm into Peersway. In her leisure time, Rose loves cafe hopping and exploring the city.

Mental Health × Peersway

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