July 25, 2020

Swayer Spotlight – @effortlesslady

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As an African immigrant from Cameroon, starting over in a new country has provided many challenges for Diana.

From learning a new culture to adjusting to a new climate, getting a job, and making new friends – adjusting to her new life was not going to be an easy feat.

The biggest challenge she has faced was finding a job.

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Lifestyle, Family, Fashion

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VSCO & FaceTune!

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Affordable, Everyday, Lifestyle

Now, if you’re an immigrant in Canada, you probably have experienced the common rejection from a hiring manager regarding your “Canadian work experience”. It’s the old catch-22 in action.

Frustrated that was, Diana did not lose her determination.

Through volunteering, networking, and enrolling herself back in university, she swooped up another degree specializing in Child & Youth studies with a minor in Psychology, all while going to school full time, having a part-time job, and raising her two kids.

The effort she has put in creating a new life for herself and her family echoes in her work as an influencer and a content creator.

When she is able to have a little breather, she enjoys going on picnics with her family, to lunch dates w/ friends, and going to the movies.

Now that you’ve gotten to know Diana on a more personal level, keep scrolling to peep into her life as @effortlesslady.


Why Did You Become A Content Creator?

Being in a new city away from my family and friends was difficult and I wanted an outlet where I could connect and meet new people. I think the whole concept of a content creator is very exciting. Taking a client’s vision and bringing it to life to me is very powerful and empowering.

How Did You Build Your 28k Following?

Organic Followers And Giveaways. When I started I participated in giveaways and loops. Even though half of the number you have gained will not immediately engage with you, I realised that if I send a quick DM introducing myself and liking their photos, these followers are more likely to engage in my future post.


Where Do You Find Inspiration For Content And Which Content Encourages The Most Engagement From Your Followers?

I get inspirations from everyday life, from my family, my kids, neighbourhood, street art, and pop culture.

Pictures of myself and my family are the most engaging content I post.

What Advice Would You Give To Digital Creators That Want To Be More Successful On Instagram?

Post often, be consistent, and engage with your followers. Your audience should have an idea of how many times you post in a week so that they don’t miss your post.

Also, use relevant hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to get your post seen by millions of people who are not following you.

I think people who don’t use hashtags are missing out because you can get a lot of likes and impressions from hashtags.

In one of my recent posts, I got 5800 impressions just from hashtags! You have to use the right hashtag though.

How Do You Usually Plan Out Your Content? Do You Have A Content Calendar?

I should have a content calendar but I don’t haha.  I usually determine how many posts I have to put up in a week then I divide based on the content category.

Tell Us Something That Irks You When Working With Brands.

I have worked with brands who did not pay on time and some who keep changing the deliverables which are very frustrating. Sometimes, brands don’t want to pay or pay less for your creativity and work.


If You Had A Chance To Restart Your Influencer Marketing Journey, What Would You Have Done Differently?

I would start with what I have and immediately find my niche. The mistake I made was not finding my niche from the get-go.

Where Do You See Yourself 5 yrs From Now? Do you want to continue with influencer marketing?

I like to have fun with it and see where this journey takes me to. I think now I know the importance of what I do and it is safe to say I can negotiate better deals. I hope to work with bigger brands, build credibility, and strengthen my network.

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