Fully-Managed Campaigns

For Brands and Agencies

Our campaign managers take care of everything: starting from finding the right influencers to ensuring that your campaign delivers the best possible results. One less thing for you to worry about!

Agencies and brands we currently work with:

How We Manage Influencer Marketing Campaigns

1. Campaign Strategy

We take the time to understand your campaign requirements and brand ethos. With that in mind, we create a unique strategy to optimize your ROI and reach your goals.

2. Matching Influencers

Using our network of highly engaged nano influencers across North America, we carefully select those who align perfectly with your brand’s voice and target audience.

3. Track Campaign

Stay updated on your campaign progress and view influencer content as it gets published to ensure compliance with brand standards.

4. Performance Report

After the campaign ends, we’ll give you a thorough report with key metrics, insights, and achievements. Sit back and let us handle all the payments for the creators in your campaign.


No subscriptions. No contracts. No setup or activation fee.
Each plan includes dedicated campaign manager, influencer compensation, and monthly reports.


For small brands that are looking to get started.

$ 2,000*
$ 2,250*


1 Reel + 1 Story

Per Influencer


For mid-size brands looking to scale their campaigns.

$ 3,500*
$ 4,250*


1 Reel + 1 Story

Per Influencer


For large brands looking to promote multiple products.

$ 6,500*
$ 7,500*


1 Reel + 1 Story

Per Influencer


For brands looking for large amounts of user content.

$ 15,000*
$ 17,500*


1 Reel + 1 Story

Per Influencer

* Not Included: Content Review, Store Visits, Product Giveaways, and Product Shipping.

Benefits of Our Fully-Managed Service

Save Time and Effort

Our team handles every aspect of your campaign. Enjoy a hands-off, turnkey service with stress-free results.

One Payment, Fixed Costs

Our fixed budget model ensures transparent spending without unexpected costs. Say goodbye to negotiating with influencers or dealing with surprise costs.

User-Generated Content at Scale

With our fully-managed campaigns, you’ll gain abundant user-generated content from a diverse array of creator voices. Benefit from authentic, relatable content that resonates with your target audience.

Easy Scalability

We can help you work with a few influencers, or expand your campaign to a larger audience. Our process makes collaborating with influencers easy for brands of any size.

Expert Campaign Optimization

Take advantage of our team’s strategies and matchmaking skills. We’ll optimize your campaign to achieve the best results.

Guaranteed Reach

We guarantee a minimum number of influencers for each package. This ensures your message reaches a wide and engaged audience with no surprises.

Nano Influencer Campaigns That Deliver Results

Total Reach
Total Reach


Does Peersway provide better ROI?

Yes, Peersway consistently delivers a lower cost-per-engagement (CPE) than the industry average, thus ensuring a higher return on investment for your campaigns. We typically deliver a CPE of less than $0.50, while other platforms charge a CPE of $1 or more. In some cases, we can achieve a CPE of less than $0.25.

Can I work with influencers in Quebec?

Yes, absolutely. Peersway’s influencer network is extensive, covering all of North America, including Quebec, to facilitate diverse influencer partnerships.

What is included in the campaign report?

Campaign reports from Peersway provide detailed insights into Instagram post metrics and key performance indicators like total reach and engagement, giving you a clear view of your campaign’s success.

How can I start working with Peersway?

To get started with a fully-managed campaign please fill out our online form below. Our team will promptly contact you to discuss your influencer marketing strategy and next steps.

If you’re interested in managing your own campaign and accessing our extensive nano influencer network, you can sign up for our free influencer marketing platform here.

Can I get a custom price quote?

Yes, just let us know about your campaign requirements using the form below and we’ll customize a pricing plan to fit your budget, ensuring full transparency and alignment with your marketing objectives.

How long does it take for content to go live?

Typically influencer content goes live 4 – 6 weeks after we receive the influencer brief from our clients.

What kind of influencers can I expect to work with?

Peersway specializes in working with nano influencers, offering authentic, engaging partnerships with influencers having fewer than 10,000 followers and high engagement rates.

Is Peersway a fully managed service?

Yes, Peersway offers a comprehensive, hassle-free experience by managing all aspects of your campaign, from influencer selection to content approval and performance tracking.

We also offer a free all-in-one influencer marketing platform that is not a fully-managed service but allows brands to take control of their own influencer marketing campaigns.

How soon can I launch my campaign?

We are equipped to get your campaign running within 24-48 hours of initiation, ensuring a quick start to your influencer marketing efforts.

Can I review content before it goes live?

While content review is not included in our standard packages, we can provide this service for an additional cost. However, you will not be able to review content before it goes live unless you opt for this add-on.

Can I reuse pictures posted for a campaign?

Yes, you have the rights to reuse all content created by influencers for your campaign. When reposting on your social channels, make sure to tag the influencer.

Are Peersway's prices all-inclusive?

Our pricing structure is all-inclusive, covering influencer compensation and campaign management fees, ensuring clarity and transparency in what you pay.

How does Peersway match brands with the right nano influencers?

We start by scheduling a kick-off call to understand your campaign objectives and preferred influencer types. Based on this information, we then curate a selection of influencer profiles that align with your brand’s goals, ensuring an optimal match.

What if I want more control or customizability for my campaign?

If you require more control or customizability you have two options. If you’re still interested in Peersway assisting your campaign you can contact our team via the form below and mention your requirements so that we can customize a plan for you.

In addition to our fully-managed campaign packages, Peersway also offers a free comprehensive influencer marketing platform. The platform provides all the tools you need to manage your campaigns with ease including access to our extensive vetted influencer network in one intuitive interface.

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