July 2, 2020

How To Write An Engaging Instagram Caption

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Nowadays, trying to keep up with Instagram can cause major headaches. As a specialized marketing agency for nano-influencers, we want our Swayers to stay ahead of the game and be as sharp as possible. If you or your company need organic Instagram followers, then try this out because real active followers are important for the Instagram profile.

How to write an engaging Instagram caption

Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm is a true mystery but the secret sauce that has been revealed by the social media network has always been to be authentic.

As a nano-influencer, you must build a strong foundation from the get-go and keep an authentic following within your community.

We know that you’re capable of creating impeccable visuals, but that is still only half of the battle. Keeping your audience hooked requires work.

If you’re willing to put in the work, you will earn the perks.

Here are 8 tips to write a more engaging Instagram caption:

  1. Don’t waste real estate space
  2. Be natural
  3. Implement a CTA
  4. Ask a question
  5. Paint a narrative
  6. Set the tone
  7. Add value
  8. Quality over quantity

1) Don’t waste real estate space:

The first 125 characters of your Instagram caption is your last opportunity to capture your followers’ attention, so make sure that the most important info appears first and stop them at their track as they scroll.

Pull them in with something catchy or leave them with a cliffhanger.

Whatever it is, remember to make your first 125 thrive.

2) Be natural:

Authenticity is key, so be yourself. Just because you’re behind the screen, it doesn’t mean you should speak like a robot. Let your personality shine online and channel the vibe that has helped you attract your tribe offline.

“I try to write similar to how I talk to my friends! Make it personal, write as you would talk. It is all about the connections, so your caption should be a conversation with each follower.” @katrinagwen

3) Implement a CTA:

You’ve got the attention of your followers. Now take it a step further and prompt them to do something. Make sure to use an action verb. Try these to urge your followers to take action:

  • Direct them to a link in your bio
  • Ask them to tag a friend
  • Propose a question

4) Ask a question:

Tried and tested. Asking a question in your caption will generate more engagement. Don’t force a question if you don’t care to know the reply.

When you receive a response, don’t leave them hanging. Return the love and continue the conversation.

“Question-based captions can help increase engagement on your posts. This allows your audience to talk about themselves, share their own thoughts and recommendations, and it also allows you to learn more about them.” @sensibleliving

5) Paint a narrative

Give your followers more insight to your photo/video. Your photo might not be worth 1000 words, so paint them a better picture through your caption.

This allows you to connect with your followers on a more personal level.

“Even when I post food recipes, I love to add a bit of a backstory on why I decided to create this dish; maybe it was a childhood favourite, or I had tried something similar on my last trip to Rome and I had to re-create it.”@sensibleliving

6) Set the tone:

Are you setting a voice that fits with your brand image? Similar to tip #2, just be yourself and natural.

Don’t copy another influencer’s tone just because they’re gaining traction on their page. Worry about yours, it’ll payoff 10 folds.

Ask yourself, how can you stand out from the rest?

7) Add value:

A punny joke here and there can make light of the situation but can you really do that forever? It’s easy to waste people’s time but capturing their attention is the most rewarding part.

Strive to always produce captions that remind them exactly why they chose to follow you in the first place.

8) Quality over Quantity

So, should you keep it short or lengthy? Always remember, quality over quantity – there’s no right or wrong when it comes to the length of your caption, as long as it adds value, that’s all that matters.

Invest more time in writing your captions and keep these tips in mind the next time you click “share”:

  1. Don’t waste real estate space
  2. Be natural
  3. Implement a CTA
  4. Ask a question
  5. Paint a narrative
  6. Set the tone
  7. Add value

After you’ve implemented these tips, be sure to track what’s working and what’s not working. Doing this manually will help you define a strategy that works best with your followers. Try using Paraphrase Tool – Best Sentence Rephraser to create better content for your viewers.

Which of these 8 tips are you already doing? Which tips will you take up?

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