We have launched a brand new platform for all existing members. By using this platform, you will be able to view and participate in all future influencer campaigns launched by Peersway as well as other brands.

We will continue using our mobile app for the next few months, but eventually, we will no longer use the app and new campaigns would be launched on the website. If you encounter any issues in creating an account, please email us at contact@peersway.com.

Checklist for creating a new account

While creating an account, you will be required to log in using your Facebook account. This is a one-time requirement and you will not be required to use this feature after you have created an account.

To be able to create an account on the new website, you will be required to a public Instagram Business Account. If you have a personal account, you can easily change it to a business account by following the steps mentioned here.

To check if your Instagram account is connected, go to your Facebook Page and click ‘Settings’. Next, click on Instagram to see if it is connected to your Facebook Page. We have shared a screenshot of how it looks for our Facebook Page.

Step 1: Register and confirm your email address

Visit https://marketplace.peersway.com/ and click on ‘Register‘.

Step 2: Connect Instagram Account and Facebook Page

Step 3: Update Your Profile

You can verify if your profile was created properly by clicking ‘Find Campaigns‘. If your account was created successfully, you will see the following message.