Obrigado Campaign

2019-08-07T22:09:25+00:00 May 30th, 2019|

Looking for something hydrating, low in calories and high in nutrients? Coconut water can be consumed in various ways such as rehydrating after a workout, cooking, and cocktails for the weekend! Introducing Obrigado, a premium coconut water made of 100% pure natural ingredients. Never from concentrate, and absolutely no preservatives, flavourings and no sugar added! [...]

FAYVO Campaign

2019-08-12T20:17:45+00:00 May 30th, 2019|

Don't have a place to store all your go-to restaurants, books, movies, music and etc. all in one place? Introducing FAYVO, a social tool platform that allows you to share your favourites and discover favourites of others. FAYVO will organize all the products/services and make it easily accessible for FAVYO users to access saved items. [...]

FAYVO Case Study

2019-08-30T20:09:04+00:00 May 30th, 2019|

FAYVO is a social tool to share your favourite pictures, books, food, fashion, products, places, music, movies and more organized in one place! FAYVO allows users to share their favourites and discover favourites of others. What they wanted: The client wanted Peersways to source Canadian and US influencers living [...]

Obrigado Coconut Water Case Study

2019-06-17T19:39:37+00:00 May 27th, 2019|

Obrigado is a premium coconut water brand made from 100% pure natural ingredients. All ingredients are grown, nourished and harvested on Obrigado’s sustainable farm in Bahia, Brazil, with absolutely no preservatives, flavorings or added sugar. What they wanted: The client wanted Peersway to source Canadian influencers living in the Greater [...]