August 10, 2020

OTOblocs X Peersway Giveaway

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Meet OTOblocs, a startup offering products based on a modular block system from fidget toys to furniture.

Laura Amadi, the founder of OTOblocs, has a background in architectural design and currently enrolled in the Masters of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Queens University.

“I hope to inspire young female entrepreneurs and designers to live by their values and pursue a career that allows them to make the change they want to see in the world.”
— Laura

This entrepreneur has created OTOblocs so that she could work to create innovative products for urban living that empower change in people’s daily life and inspire creative thinking.

What makes OTOblocs unique?

OTOblocs is based on one of a kind patented interlocking system. Their modular block system resembles different letters that determine the name of their products.

For example, OTO Jr. is made up of three interlocking letters. Two ‘O’s and one ‘T’ shape.

What were some challenges you faced when launching this business?

There are many challenges in trying to start a business. OTO Jr. has the ability to tap into a number of different markets and it has been difficult to gain a large amount of exposure on a small budget.

What does the future of OTOblocs look like?

We are working towards developing a number of different products at various scales from toys to furniture all based on our unique block system.

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