Inspire Millions With Nano Influencers

Our team does the heavy lifting of managing your Influencer campaigns, so that you can seamlessly scale your marketing campaigns.


for Chefs Plate

for Head & Shoulders

for Emborg

for Skittles

for Dove

for Ivory Snow

Why choose Peersway?

Fully managed campaigns

Our campaign managers take care of everything: starting from finding the right influencers to ensuring that your campaign delivers the best possible results. One less thing for you to worry about!

User generated content at scale

Instead of working with a few big influencers, you can now work with hundreds of nano influencers. So, more unique user generated content that can be republished across your own marketing channels.

Lowest cost per engagement

Paying too much for your influencer campaigns? We can help! Our clients pay less than $0.25 per engagement (likes & comments), which is about 40% less than any other influencer marketing service.

How does it work?

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