Fully-Managed Campaigns

For Brands and Agencies

Our campaign managers take care of everything: starting from finding the right influencers to ensuring that your campaign delivers the best possible results. One less thing for you to worry about!

Reach thousands of Nano Influencers with Peersway!

At Peersway, we’ve established an expansive and growing network of thousands of nano influencers that are eager to work with brands and create engaging, unique content for their audiences. Our diverse influencer community is perfectly suited for brands looking to work with a variety of influencers amongst different niches and industries.


Why choose Peersway?

Work Only with Vetted Influencers

Our team reviews each influencer profile before approving them to our platform.

Opt-In Network

This means that influencers have voluntarily signed up for our service and we don’t scrape influencer information online to inflate our network size.

Focus on Nano Influencers

Unlike other agencies, we focus on nano influencers that have closer relationships with their audiences and can deliver higher engagement for brands.

150+ Campaigns Across Canada and USA

Our influencers have experience in creating content for hundreds of brands across different sectors.

User-Generated Content At Scale

Instead of working with a handful of big influencers, work with hundreds of nano influencers for the same cost.

Affordable Pricing for Brands and Agencies

Our unique pricing model helps brands and agencies save on average up to 40% of their influencer marketing cost.

How Does It Work?

1. Launch Campaign

We work with clients to gather campaign requirements and launch campaigns on our platform.

2. Source Influencers

Our team sources Instagram influencers with high engagement rates across North America.

3. Track Campaign

Our clients can track campaign progress and review content as they go live to ensure compliance.

4. Report Performance

We prepare a wrap report for clients and process payments for participating Influencers.

Success Stories with big results!

Over the years, we’ve built strong relationships with both our clients and the influencer community. With our vast knowledge and experience, Peersway provides its clients a stress-free experience to influencer marketing and delivers the best possible results. Check out our case studies to see how we’ve strategically helped our clients reach their goals!

Total Reach
Total Reach

Client Impressions

We were able to reach hundreds of thousands of Canadians through the nano-influencers — something that we would not have been able to do alone.
Sarah Jamal
Communications Manager, Environmental Defence
They make running an influencer campaign really easy as they coordinate everything and shortlist the candidates for you.
CEO, Mint Smilebar

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