For small businesses, the one thing that holds them back from influencer marketing is budget. Unlike established companies and global brands, small and local businesses have limited finances to work with. So they can’t dole out hundreds of dollars for a single social post.

The good news is influencer marketing for small businesses isn’t totally unachievable. It’s all a matter of working with the right influencers. For small businesses, this means working with nano influencers.

Why Nano Influencers for Small Businesses?

What makes nano influencers so great for small business influencer marketing? Here are the top reasons:

  • Lower cost –Nano influencers demand less compensation than their mainstream peers. They won’t charge you upwards of $100 for a single Instagram post. So they’re highly affordable for small businesses that want to activate influencers on a tight budget.Businesses like Burnbrae Farms managed to reach over 400,000 people by working with nano influencers. And they only spent $0.13 for each engagement.
  • Targeted reach – Nano influencers tend to have a highly specific influence within a certain region or locality. As such, they can reach a much more targeted audience in spite of a smaller following. This makes them perfect for small and local businesses that want to reach an audience within a specific region. Many businesses use social media marketing fashion brands nowadays to grow online.
  • Reko Pizelle, for instance, successfully activated influencers with influence in their target locations. Since they mainly targeted a North-Eastern American audience, they worked with influencers from that region. The campaign saw an impressive 5.76% engagement rate.

Contact Manchester production professionals to help you create a better marketing strategy using videos to promote your business. Besides, influencer marketing for small businesses can go beyond social posts and blog posts. When you’re targeting a local audience, for instance, you could even invite these nano influencers to in-store events to attract more foot traffic. You can always use your limitations to get creative with your influencer marketing approach.