Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmaprix is Canada’s leading drug store retailer with more than 1,300 pharmacist-owned locations, and they are one of Canada’s top suppliers for over the counter medications, health and beauty aids, cosmetics, fragrances, and everyday household essential.

Shoppers Drug Mart Top Picks Program was created with their customers in mind. The Top Picks are products highlighted by Shoppers Drug Mart as best sellers, hidden gems, and new finds.

What they wanted: The client wanted Peersway to source 150 influencers across Canada, including French speakers, to promote Shoppers Drug Mart Top Picks 2020. Since there were a lot of variety of products in the Top Picks 2020, they would like influencers to showcase as many products as possible in their content.

What we did: We collaborated with 150 influencers, creating 3 Instagram posts and at least 3 Instagram stories to promote the products they received in their Top Picks 2020 box. Our influencers shared images of the variety of beauty products, skin products, and snacks they received, and some of them showed their favourite product being used in a video/reel. Many of them expressed how fun it was to receive a box of Shoppers Drug Mart goodies!

Photo Credits: @kimoune, @itzz.manda, @miss.sarahyvette, and @angelaandfam


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