December 13, 2017

What We Look for in Our Users

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Some of the most important things that we and our brand partners look for are Engagement Rate, Quality of Pictures, Adherence to Posting Schedule, and frequency of content created.

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We are all about engagement

It is good that you have lots of followers, but what we are looking for is users who have followers that engage in their posts. There are two ways to manage that. One is that your followers care about your posts so much that they like or write comments. Another is through good pictures and hashtags. This is much harder since you will have to convert strangers to be engaged in your post based on hashtags. Good comments have a high value. Comments like emoji, “wow” or” cute” are almost like clicking the like button. Comments that create conversations have the highest value. It shows that you as an influencer are engaging and communicating with your followers. We are also skeptical of users that have a lot of short comments and emojis because this can be gained through third-party software, which has a low value.

Picture quality

We do not think that your photos must be top-notch. We like pictures that are focused on good lighting conditions, that are creative, or match your style. If you have a hard time taking good photos there are plenty of hints online of how to take good pictures for Instagram. We are picky when it comes to bad pictures. If your profile shows a lot of unfocused pictures or dark and grainy, there is less likely we will pick you out for our campaigns.

Posting on time

When a campaign runs, we prefer users who post quickly. When there are few days left in the campaign we need to check up on users if they have not remembered to post. This is time-consuming for us. The ones who post after the deadline will get a flag in our system and will have less chance of being picked for the next campaigns.


Preferably our users have an activity level of 2-5 posts/week. If you have less than that we cannot let you participate in more than one campaign each month. Your followers will only accept a certain amount of product pictures before they stop engaging with your posts.

Signing up for campaigns

A limited number of influencers get to participate in a campaign. We tend to accept twice the number of influencers who sign up before we close the campaign for further registration. Then we or the customer pick out the best-suited influencers for that campaign. Be sure that you will be able to participate, and be quick to sign up for new campaigns. If you are not chosen; try and improve your profile to match the above topics, and try signing up for the next campaign.

Withdrawing from campaigns

This is a serious issue for Peersway. To be able to get satisfied customers and get more campaigns for you, we need you to commit to the campaigns you sign up for. If you sign up for a campaign and withdraw, we will suspend your profile.

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