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Every year on April 22nd, 1 billion people across 190+ countries continue to evoke consciousness in their community about our planet’s condition and advocate for change.

We have one duty, as we continue to make our strides on earth, to transform the world into a more sustainable future for every living species.

Earth Day 2020 Statistics

We’ve linked up with Swayers to celebrate Earth Day’s 50th birthday by advocating for a cleaner and safer environment, sharing tips on how you can make a difference, whether small or large, for a better future.


“We all should be taking some steps towards, even if it’s small, reducing the impact on our earth.”

Fighting for our planet, this Vancouver based photographer, content creator, and outdoor/adventure lover has been inspiring her community to get outdoors through her lenses.

Aisha’s life revolves around sustainable living, she wants our current and future generations to be able to enjoy our earth the way she sees it now.

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Offset carbon emissions

When I travel I try to book with certain airlines where there is the option to offset my flight for that particular trip.

Practice Leave No Trace principles while hiking and camping

Plan ahead and be prepared. Travel and camp on surfaces that won’t impact the land. Respect wildlife. Leave what you find and take your garbage when you leave.

Learn more here: Leave No Trace 7 Principles

Reduce energy, water, and fuel usage

Turn off appliances & lights when not in use. Take shorter showers and turn off the water while brushing your teeth. Use the cold water cycle when doing your laundry and air drying your laundry and dishes. Carpool, use rideshare apps, or even invest in an electric vehicle to reduce our fuel consumption.


“One piece can have so much life if we put our creativity into styling it different ways.”

If we choose carefully in what we consume, how we use our garments, this fashionista believes we can enjoy this beautiful earth by taking care of it.

Without harming nature,  we can have beauty by choosing sustainable brands, fabrics, and re-wear our garments.

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Choose your garments thoughtfully

Select pieces  that will go with many items you already own so they can have more life in various ways.

Carefully select your fabrics

Pick materials that are natural because they can degrade when they are at the end of their lifecycle.

Opt for secondhand

Shop pre-loved to give someone else’s clothing another life.


“We don’t need a handful of people being perfectly environmentally friendly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

Kelsey has traveled to 25 countries across 4 continents since she was 16 years old. Having the opportunity to visit so many countries has allowed Kelsey to see what those countries value, a strong need to take care of the planet and oceans.

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Reduce time spent streaming videos

Instead, opt for board games, home workouts or creative activities. Video streaming services account for 1% of greenhouse gases (and that was before social distancing).

Reuse your plastic grocery bags for other purposes

Line your garbage bin or scoop up pet waste. In some areas, it is possible to recycle the plastic bags, check with your local waste management department for more details.

Repair old or broken items

There is lots of fun inspirations online for up-cycling, finding new creative uses for old items will make you feel accomplished and earth friendly!

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“We share it with many other species, so we need to preserve it for them too”

Based in Toronto, Naz sees beauty in all things and believes that happiness is homemade. Showing us how fun it is by being conscious about the impact we’re leaving on this planet.

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Cook your own meals & re-use leftovers

Tackle the battle on waste produced by eliminating the use of takeout bags & containers.

Repurpose empty jars and other food containers

Use these items as drinking glasses or small serving bowls for granola, desserts, etc.

Homemade eco-friendly home cleaning products

Combine white vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda plus a dash of essential oils.

“The most important and impactful thing that you can do is to reduce your waste!”

Eco-Warrior was a name suitably coined by Jessica as she lives and breathes a plant-based, sustainable lifestyle, constantly whipping up new recipes using ingredients inside your pantry to help you get savvy by reusing materials.

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Bulk Buy

Not only do you save the hassle of having to transfer the goods from the bag to your jars at home, but in most cases, switching to purchasing in bulk is actually cheaper than buying prepackaged goods

Avoid using paper towel and sponges

Use cloth towels instead, they can be used repeatedly. For messier spills where you need that extra support, these biodegradable, Kliin, reusable paper towels can be used up to 200 times.

Say no to disposable cutlery

At work, keep a set of utensils, bring your own when eating at fast-food restaurants or getting take out.  I love these bamboo cutlery when I travel.

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Want to do more? Check out the Earth Day website for tips and more.

Remember, every day is Earth Day and there is no better time than now to start taking care of this special place we call home.

If we all adopt the same mentality, we can create change. Let today be the start of a new habit and save the world.

Comment below and let us know which tips are your favourite, which tips you’ll be adopting, and how much you love our planet!

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