You’re launching your first influencer marketing campaign but you’re stuck on the most important step – finding influencers to work with. Not only do you have to make sure they’re in your niche and relevant to your location, you also have to verify their authenticity.

To find Instagram influencers in Canada, you have three main options:

1: Conducting an Instagram Search

Search for relevant niche-based hashtags to find the top tagged content from popular accounts. Then sieve through the results to narrow down your search. But since you need influencers in Canada, you’ll need location-specific hashtags. For example, the hashtag #vancouvereats will give you results for popular food posts from Vancouver.

You can also search for location tags to find content posted from your city. Type in the city name and select the location tag to conduct this search.

Although this option is free, it’s time-consuming and difficult to keep track of. You’ll have to manually go through these posts to see if a relevant influencer posted them.

2: Using an Online Platform

You can also find influencers on Instagram by using online platforms like InfluencerDB and NinjaOutreach. These platforms will let you filter your searches by niche, location, following size, and more. It’s faster than an Instagram search, but you still need to manually go through the profiles to vet the influencers.

3: Working with an Agency

The easiest and fastest option is to find Instagram influencers through an influencer marketing agency. An agency will quickly match you with vetted and reliable influencers relevant to your niche and location. Plus, they can do the outreach on your behalf. Although it’s more expensive than the previous options, you’ll end up saving a lot of time and energy.

Vetting Influencer Marketing Agencies

As important as it is to vet influencers, you should vet influencer marketing agencies before you decide to work with them. Make sure you look for one with transparent pricing and the ability to commit a certain number of influencers, content pieces, and total engagement for a certain budget.