June 15, 2020

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She’s a Black entrepreneur with daring dreams. From raising her 4 daughters to launching her own skincare line, she has helped other entrepreneurs along the way.

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She’s a Black entrepreneur with daring dreams. From raising her 4 daughters to launching her own skincare line, she has helped other entrepreneurs along the way and has provided guidance and opportunities to people from low-income neighborhoods.

Fighting against all odds, her perseverance to start her own business, and her willingness to give back to the community is a story we’re excited to share with you today.

Swayer Kaylyn with husband Tristan

Kaylyn Breeze created White Leaf, a Toronto based handcrafted skincare experience, in 2017 with her husband, Tristan, just three months after giving birth to her second child. Since then, she had two more children while continuing to cultivate her business.

It all began when Kaylyn was searching for more clean and affordable skincare products in Canada. She has always had a knack for concocting different skincare routines for her family and for herself.

Although she enjoyed helping her household achieve flawless skin, she wanted to share her secrets with the public so they too can bring better skincare products into their own home.

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Since the inception of White Leaf, Kaylyn wanted to set an example for her daughters to create their identity. She believes that women are not here to be housewives or just to raise amazing kids, but we all have an identity outside of that.

Beyond catering to their family, she believes that women must have more purpose in life. Kaylyn wants to highlight the strengths and capabilities of women. More importantly, the brilliance of how a Black woman can navigate through a world of racism, hate, and prejudice.

When asked about her thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement, surprisingly, she said she does not support the movement, at all.

“I know, sounds crazy, but I do not agree with everything the group stands for. However, I 100% believe that BLACK LIVES DO MATTER! I believe that we need to push the Black community forward in terms of equality in society.”

She has her own ways of advocating for change and it all starts within her own home.

“The first steps I have taken and what I believe is the most important is raising great black children. I come from a bi-racial background, my mother is a white-Canadian woman, and my father is a black-Jamaican man.

It was really tough for me growing up trying to identify with one particular race. I found the world had always tried to do that for me based upon their views of race.

In my home, I raise my children to know that they can do anything they put their mind to. Not because they are Black, but because they are capable. I believe that instilling the confidence and strength into individuals hold more weight than drowning them with thoughts about race.”

Outside of her home, she leads entrepreneurs to discover their strengths and provide motivations to youths.

“I offer business start-up services, assisting new entrepreneurs to start their product-based businesses. I have been invited to speak at schools that are in vulnerable neighbourhoods to encourage youths to believe in their dreams, despite the colour of their skin, the neighborhood they live in, and their financial situation.”

Not allowing setbacks to get in her way, Kaylyn has challenged the typical stereotypes of being a Black woman by allowing her work ethic to be the manifested in her success.

“Being a black woman in Canada comes with its challenges not only because I am Black but I am also a woman. I allowed my work to speak for itself and for my work ethic to be the wind that blows my ship across the sea of adversity.

It’s great to get to a place in your mind to understand that you are in control of the direction that ship decides to go, but there will be challenges along the way; You just have to be committed to the vision as to why you started in the first place.”

Although she does not support the BLM movement, she is committed to providing support to her Black communities in alternative ways.

“We have created jobs in our community for single mothers living in low-income neighbourhoods and have worked with amazing black influencers since conception.

We believe that they have such a great influence on social media. We love working with those in our community. It helps bring unity and encourages other men and women of colour to pursue their dreams, no matter what they are.”

Get involved with Kaylyn on these organizations:

Careers Education Empowerment

Toronto (Ontario, Canada)

CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals is a registered charity created as an initiative of the Youth Challenge Fund, as a response to increased youth violence in the city in 2006.

Social Impact: Empowerment, Education, Networking, Entrepreneurship, Employment

Impact Jamaica

Montego Bay (Jamaica, Caribbean)

Social Impact: Empowerment, Children, Education, Elderly, Homeless

Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce

Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, bilingual, national organization dedicated to empowering and supporting Black-owned businesses and Entrepreneurs.

Current Needs: Volunteering, Sharing & Raising awareness

Social Impact: Education, Financial, Empowerment, Networking, Business

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Kaylyn and White Leaf. Her success story has shown us that no matter which lane you’re in, as long as you have a kind heart with good intentions and determination, you can do it too!

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