The Okay Movement was created by Peersway to offer a safe space for our influencers to share stories, seek support, and discover resources for mental health. 


“if you need to talk, I’m a dm away”

Having struggled with anxiety and depression for 10 years, this influencer and wellness mentor has been using her platform to speak about mental illnesses and be the support system for her followers. 

She’s the founder of Empathy + Me Podcast and the movement #PutYourselfInYourOwnShoes, empowering people who have experienced a wide variety of trauma by sharing truths, providing resources, and supporting individuals on their healing journey. The Empathy + Me Podcast helps individuals celebrate stories of trauma and triumphs while creating a healing experience for survivors and listeners. 

Healing Resources


Chris was first diagnosed with ADHD (or as his mother fondly referred to it, “spirited energy”) in Grade 2, and years later in 2012 with anxiety. He’s since channeled that energy into a successful career as a Travel Writer, Photographer, and Toronto Bloggers Collective Co-founder. 

Recently, Chris launched a podcast for anxiety called I’m Anxious About – A Humorous Anxiety Podcast with his Co-Host Allison Green to destigmatize anxiety through humorous and honest conversations. 


“not putting yourself first is a choice”

World Traveler, Storyteller, and Founder of The Heartwork Project, Jenni Davies expresses self-love, growth, and mental health through her beautifully crafted words and images. Read her Instagram captions and be prepared to be captivated!

The Heartwork Project is a podcast simplifying the conversations around mental health. She speaks with psychologists, high performers, health care professionals, and individuals about self-discovery, inner work, and their exceptional lives.

The Heartwork Project Podcast

The Heartwork Project Youtube


Bekah is a Lifestyle and Mental Health Blogger helping to educate and destigmatize mental illness. She provides tips, resources, and stories to her 10.5k followers and just recently launched a monthly IG live series highlighting a mental health topic and discussing mental wellness with experts on the subject.


“You are not your pain, you are love”

A Board-Certified Psychiatrist, Dr. Jessica Clemons is a leader in helping normalize the conversations around mental health and wellness. She is on a mission to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, particularly in the Black community. 

Dr. Clemons is highly recognized among mental health and government organizations, medical societies, and her community. She uses her platform to educate her followers and generate discussions on the subject. She was selected to provide the first live televised therapy session on VH1, “In Session Live: With Dr. Jess”. 


“it’s my passion to help those suffering to see the light”

Chantal McCulligh has been suffering from anxiety since she was a young child. She made it her mission to help anxiety sufferers to live a fulfilled life and that’s how Anxiety Gone was created.

It is a thriving platform for anxiety warriors to come together for support, guidance, and love. She launched the first subscription box for anxiety in 2017 and has since branched out into an online mental health store, podcast, online learning, and more.

Her Instagram illustrates techniques to cope with anxiety along with encouraging words.


“be the one who chooses, not the one waiting to be chosen.”

Omar is a Writer, Graphic Designer, and upcoming Author. His first heartbreak led him to a state of deep isolation and depression where he found comfort in writing poems. Being a man conditioned him to suppress his emotions, however, he determined to be the voice, for not only men but for everyone who has been made to feel unheard.


Leah is a Mental Health Blogger not afraid to talk about her feelings. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and strives to connect with others to find meaning in life. Her blog is dedicated to “The feelers, sensitive souls, and emotionally intelligent ones really don’t get enough airtime.” 

She delights her followers on Instagram by sharing fun and creative content while addressing her feelings head-on.


Writer, Wellness Content Creator, and Founder of Too Damn Young, a community and resource helping teens and young adults navigate grief. Vivian writes about wellness, mental health, grief, and personal growth. She’s traveled the world to give speeches on vulnerability, leadership, and her stories.

Check out her podcast “What Happened After” where she discusses her before and afters with individuals reinventing their lives and defining their own “aha” moments; a weekly reminder that life happens.


“turn pain into art”

Mental Health Support Worker, Model, Youtuber, and Children’s Book Author publicizing her mental health journey in hope of helping others suffering from mental illnesses. With a history of dealing with unhealthy coping mechanisms, she created the book to showcase techniques for children to use that are healthy and can be life-saving.

As a model, she leverages her Instagram platform to raise awareness on mental health, express her honest emotions, and promote self-care.

Head to for more resources and join the conversation to help us break the stigma around mental health.