Obrigado is a premium coconut water brand made from 100% pure natural ingredients. All ingredients are grown, nourished and harvested on Obrigado’s sustainable farm in Bahia, Brazil, with absolutely no preservatives, flavorings or added sugar.

What they wanted: The client wanted Peersway to source Canadian influencers living in the Greater Toronto Area and Vancouver for this campaign to introduce Obrigado Coconut Water in Canada. They wanted to highlight that their products are made with 100% pure and fresh coconut water, as Obrigado’s local factory used a special extraction method that ensures the coconut water does not come into contact with light or air.

What we did: We collaborated with 46 influencers to create one Instagram post and at least one Instagram story on their feed. Many influencers ended up posting more than one Instagram story, and showed off their creativity by including Obrigado Coconut Water into their smoothies and incorporating them into their active lifestyle.

Photo Credits: @vikimikki, @kjabripickett, @tiffanyc_, and @capycupcake.


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