January 2021

Cove Kombucha

Case Study

Cove Kombucha is one of the healthiest kombuchas on the market made with only 100% natural organic ingredients and packed with digestive supporting bacteria. Cove is the kombucha for everyone; without the acidic/vinegary taste of most kombucha’s but with all the health benefits, in absurdly deliciously refreshing flavors!


What They Wanted

Cove wanted to partner with influencers living in Ontario, Canada to increase their brand awareness. The brand wanted influencers to try their product and share their honest feedback. It was very important for the brand that the photo posted by influencers are candid shots and not posed.

What We Did

Our team reached out to two specific categories of influencers living in Ontario. First, we sourced parents that were willing to try the product along with their kids. Second, we reached out to influencers that love creating content about healthy lifestyle. We made sure that the influencers understand the brand and have the creative freedom to create content that matches their style and also showcases the product benefits.


Campaign Results

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Our influencers can effectively promote your brand by creating authentic and engaging content. Contact us today to get started!

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