No Nothing is a new clean hair care brand from Finland, fit for everyone including those with allergies and sensitivities. They are the first professional quality hair care brand that is completely fragrance-free and no toxic chemicals. They wanted to show that sensitivity is a good thing, not a disadvantage.

What they wanted: The client wanted Peersway to source US influencers for this campaign and wanted to introduce their hair care products. They are aware that many people need to use all-natural hair products to help with their sensitive scalp and/or allergies, so they created these fragrance-free products that also contains no parabens, no colorants, no gluten, and no soy.

What we did: We partnered with 25 influencers living in the US to create one Instagram post and at least one Instagram story on their feed. Many influencers ended up posting more than one Instagram story, and were very supportive of a hair product that is all-natural and does not interfere with their sensitivities.

Photo Credits: @allyn_lewis, @probablyattarget, @kayandbabe, and @girlunfinished.


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