April 2019

Catelli Pasta: Giving Feels Good

Case Study

From humble beginnings in Montreal, Catelli has become the number one pasta brand in Canada, serving families for over 150 years. However, they recently noticed that living with less is trending right now - but for some people it’s not a choice. From April 15 to May 31 2019, Catelli will donate a serving of pasta to people in need for every box of Catelli pasta purchased.

Empty dinner plate

What They Wanted

Peersway was asked to launch a campaign called “Giving Feels Good” to raise awareness of the food crisis happening in Canada. Catelli has also provided our influencers a “Minimalist Plate,” inspired by the small portion sizes of the many Canadians who struggle to feed themselves and their kids every day, and wanted influencers to create a pasta dish that fits into the marked area of the plate.

What We Did

We challenged 28 mommy influencers across Canada to create a meal within the marked area of the “Minimalist Plate”. Many of our influencers shared their surprise when being exposed to the reality of how little many Canadians eat on a daily basis, and was made aware that over 4 million Canadians struggle to fill up their plates every day, and more than 1 million turn to food banks each month. Some of them shared their own personal story with food issues and sparked a lot of conversations in the comments.


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