Jergens is more than a moisturizer. They focus on helping you achieve a healthy and glowing skin, and with their line of JERGENS® Natural Glow products, their premium formulas is clinically proven to deliver the optimum amount of colour to enrich the appearance of your skin. Build your glow gradually, or get a quick boost of colour with Instant Sun without being out in the sun!

What they wanted: Jergens wanted to promote their Natural Glow products through Peersway influencers and show that they can achieve beautiful, natural-looking colour skin with them. They had also asked for the influencer’s skin tone and individually hand-picked which of the 4 products would match their skin best.

What we did: We sourced 33 influencers across Canada to promote these products, and our influencers were excited to receive a product that promises glowing skin. We suggested that they show the result of their skin after using the Jergens Natural Glow products, and they were very satisfied with their glowing tanned skin in the middle of February.

Photo Credit: @mlle.sisi, @withmable, @cameetl, and @richhotbitch


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