November 2019

Carl Jung Wines

Case Study

Carl Jung is one of the top alcohol-free wine brands in Canada. With the current holidays season and end-of-the-year parties, Carl Jung’s alcohol-free wines are elegant and a tasty alternative for those who want or choose to give up alcohol, or need to appreciate the pleasure of a good glass of wine. They specializes in the manufacturing of finished wines fermented by gentle withdrawal of the alcohol.


What They Wanted

The client wanted Peersway to source Canadian influencers to raise awareness for Carl Jung non-alcoholic wines. We all know that holiday seasons means social gathering with friends and families, and most of the time, it involves alcohol. Carl Jung wines presents itself as an alternative for those who cannot or choose not to drink alcohol to still enjoy the holiday season, socialize and celebrate with people.

What We Did

We collaborated with 69 influencers to create one Instagram post and at least one Instagram story on their feed to showcase these non-alcoholic wines. Many of our influencers shared the positives of having a non-alcoholic wine as a drink. From having pregnant relatives, being the designated driver, or even knowing some of their friends don’t drink, everyone was able to see the benefits and were happy to bring non-alcoholic wines to their holiday parties or introduce it into their households.


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