August 2019

Bear Paws

Case Study

Bear Paws is a Canadian based brand that sells cookies, crackers, cereal and fruit snacks. Bear Paws has a recently launched a new line of crackers in Canada; Bear Paws Crackers Mix. The Bear Paws Crackers Mix are packaged with a resealable pouch and comes in two flavours; cheddar and white cheddar.


What They Wanted

The client wanted Peersways to source Canadian influencers living in Ontario, Quebec or British Columbia for this campaign to promote Bear Paws and their new Bear Paws Crackers Mix. Bear Paws wanted influencers to promote the healthy benefits of the crackers mix, the eco-friendly packaging and promote online purchasing.

What We Did

We collaborated with 25 influencers, creating two Instagram posts each. Influencers captured the new Bear Paws Crackers Mix with their children trying the new crackers, eating the snack at home or packing it for school and etc. Influencers shared how the new crackers are made with real fruits and veggies – a source of 9 essential nutrients. Lastly, influencers also shared an Amazon link to help drive online sales.


Campaign Results

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