Chefs Plate is a proud Canadian company that supports a sustainable food system by building direct partnerships with local farmers and suppliers. Since its launch in 2014, Chefs Plate has been on a mission to create meaningful human connections through food.

What they wanted: Our client wanted to work with influencers living in British Columbia and Albert who would publish 2 Instagram posts about their experience of cooking restaurant quality food using ingredients delivered by Chefs Plate. Each influencer was also required to share a unique promo code for their followers.

What we did: We worked with 24 influencers on this campaign. For the first post, influencers posted a picture of them cooking a meal using the ingredients delivered by Chefs Plate. For the second post, influencers posted a picture of the cooked dish while making sure that the branding was clearly visible. Some influencers also included their kids participating in the cooking!


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