RBC – Random Acts of Canadian

Case Study

To help spread some good news in these challenging times, RBC has launched a campaign called Random Acts of Canadian to showcase how Canadians are positively impacting and supporting one another, their communities and their country as they cope with living through a global pandemic.


What They Wanted

The client wanted Peersway to source Canadian influencers to share their selfless random act of kindness towards friends, community and/or strangers, or acknowledge someone doing a Random Act of Canadian. They also wanted everyone to share their stories and submit them to randomactsofcanadian.com.

What We Did

We collaborated with 23 influencers to showcase their random acts of Canadian through one Instagram post. It was heartwarming to see our influencers share their acts of kindness such as purchasing groceries for their neighbors and helping one another. One particular influencer, @mrsloulou, wrote a children’s book called Together, Apart: Life During the Coronavirus, which was showcased at the RBC Experience Store at Sherway Gardens in Toronto.


Campaign Results

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