From humble beginnings in Montreal, Catelli has become the number one pasta brand in Canada, serving families for over 150 years. Today, Catelli offers a complete line up of health and wellness varieties including 100% whole grain, vegetable based and gluten free pastas to help Canadian families enjoy delicious dishes that support their health goals.

What they wanted: Peersway was asked to launch a campaign called “Real Feels Good” to remove the guilt associated with families spending less time preparing meals and less time around the family dinner table together.

What we did: We engaged 30 mommy influencers across Canada to create a healthy and delicious family dinner using Catelli’s 100% whole grain, vegetable based and gluten free pastas. We asked these influencers to spend time with their family and kids, and capture their creative pasta dishes. Some of them even had their kids help in the kitchen, thus increasing quality time between parents and children.


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