Burnbrae Farms is a proud sixth-generation, Canadian family egg business. They offer a variety of egg products—including shell, cracked and prepared eggs— to help Canadians incorporate one of nature’s wonder foods into their daily routine.

What they wanted: The client wanted Peersway to source Canadian nano and micro influencers, creating 4 photos each, to share easy and nutritious mealtime solutions with Burnbrae’s four egg innovation products – EGGCreations, Naturegg Simply Egg Whites, EGGS2go!, and EGGBakes! 

What we did: We collaborated with 27 influencers to create 4 Instagram photos using as many variety of the Burnbrae products as possible. Many of our influencers purchased one of each four Burnbrae egg innovation products and created a variety of recipes with each product. The recipes ranges from an easy breakfast, to egg-focused meals such as frittata, to delicious desserts such as muffins.

Photo Credits: @lifewithfarihaa, @sonny.amos.lefebvre, @georgeunice.adventures & @chroniclesofanewbride


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