Say hello to clean pores! Bioré Pore Strips instantly provide the deepest clean by lifting away deep down dirt. With just one use, pore strips are twice as effective as the leading pore cleanser at getting rid of pore-clogging build-up, dirt and oil that can cause blackheads.

What they wanted: The client wanted Peersway to source Canadian influencers for this campaign and wanted to increase awareness of their Pore Strips, which is said to be more effective than pore cleanser. They wanted influencers to try the product themselves and see that with regular use, it can reduce the appearance of pores!

What we did: We partnered with 32 influencers to create one Instagram post showing the product being used. Many of them wrote that the strips worked so well and leave them feeling clean. They were happy to add it into their skincare routine, and let’s face it, it’s very satisfying to see the gunk that comes out after!

Photo Credits: @laurarychlik, @savannah_zammit, @latenightminutes, and @michelleeed.


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