We have launched a new campaign today! As part of this campaign, MATRIX, a part of L’Oreal Professional Products Division is looking to raise awareness of their Biolage R.A.W. products. These products have a significantly high percentage of natural ingredients (up to 99 per cent) and provide a unique sensorial experience combined with truly professional results.

By joining this campaign you will become an ambassador for a global brand, get paid and also receive the following Biolage RAW products worth approximately 40 CAD:

  1. One Biolage R.A.W. Smoothing Styling Milk (200 ml)
  2. One Biolage R.A.W. Texturizing Styling Spray (240 ml)

Some participants will also have a chance of winning 200 CAD worth of Biolage RAW products and being featured on the Matrix Canada social media channels and newsletter.

Following are the campaign requirements:

  1. Follow the Instagram account of @biolage
  2. Publish 2 pictures on your Instagram account. You can create them as a single post with 2 pictures or publish 2 separate posts.
    1. The first picture needs to be Product focussed. You can take a picture of the free products you receive as part of the campaign. The products can be arranged in a setting which highlights the natural ingredients of the product.
    2. The second picture needs to be an After Look. Use the products and post an ‘after look’ which highlights the benefits of using it.
  3. Use tags #LIVERAW #BIOLAGEGOESRAW #PEERBIO #AD for your post. It is important to use #ad to indicate that this is a paid post.
  4. Tag your post with the Instagram ID of Biolage(@biolage)

You are also required to record a video talking about any of the below topics:

  1. What it means to #LIVERAW
  2. Why do YOU #LIVERAW
  3. Why do you believe natural origin ingredients are important
  4. Your experience with the new R.A.W. Styling

The video needs to be minimum 15 seconds long and you can send it to team@peersway.com with your Instagram ID as the Subject. You are not required to post the video on Instagram.

Download our free mobile app to join this campaign.