It’s been a cold and dark winter, and trying to maintain our perfect tan from that summer vacation days is so hard — in fact, it’s very much gone already! Also, you’re probably not willing to do a spray tan and risk turning orange, so how can we get that natural tan without actually going to Hawaii in the middle of February?

Introducing JERGENS® Natural Glow products! Each of their premium formulas is clinically proven to deliver the optimum amount of colour to enrich the appearance of your skin. Build your glow gradually, or get a quick boost of colour with Instant Sun. No Vacation Days required!

33 of our influencers took part in the Jergens Campaign and were very happy with getting their summer tan look back. Look up #PeerGlow on Instagram and check out their glowing skin!

Photo Credits: @marinadubois, @cameetl, and @richhotbitch