For some people, family dinners are the most important time of the day. It’s a time where they can gather together, enjoy a meal, and bond over conversations. However, in reality, the modern family is spending less time preparing meals and less time around the family dinner table. And that’s okay.

Catelli wants to remove the guilt associated with family dinnertime by exploring the modern
Canadian dinner table. Inspired by bringing families together, Catelli offers a complete line up of health and wellness varieties including 100% whole grain, vegetable based and gluten free pastas to help Canadian families enjoy delicious dishes that support their health goals.

30 mommy bloggers took part in this Catelli campaign and created delicious meals to enjoy with their families, and some even had their kids help out in the kitchen! Check out #peerpasta on Instagram to see their pasta dishes!

Photo Credit: @theomedit, @chasing.the.ts, @brennaerose