Two weeks ago, we launched our Instagram 3-Ingredient Baking Challenge. We’re so impressed with the creativity and ingenuity of our nano and micro-influencers!

We’re also surprised by how many submissions we had received that included the use of Oreo cookies. It almost looked like this whole challenge could’ve been sponsored by Oreo ;) Now whether or not Oreo cookies should be counted as 1 ingredient or not, let’s agree to disagree.

It was definitely a tough call for us to narrow down to just one winner.

We want to congratulate our winner @vancitynbeyond on sharing such an awesome recipe – the 3-Ingredient Crème Brûlée. She’s shown us how simple it is to replicate a fancy restaurant creation in the comfort of our home, best of all, no blow torch required!

We also want to share with you some of our favourite recipes from our awesome nano and micro-influencers below. Feel free to check out all 3-ingredient recipes here: #peerbake.

That was so much fun! We hope you’ll also find the joy in creating these delicious and simple recipes.

Feel free to check out all 3-ingredient recipes here: #peerbake.

Comment below and let us know your favorites!