“How to Be a Better Online Writer Overnight” also known as “The PR Writer”, is written by Richard Rotman. The book makes an audaciously bold claim, improving anyone’s writing within 24 hours.

Crucially important in the online, digital age, where space counts, it shortens paragraphs and documents by 20-30% while maintaining the same meaning. Complete with self-help exercises and step-by-step examples explaining why changes should be made, How to Be a Better Online Writer Overnight offers more useful writing tips than any book currently in the marketplace.

What they wanted: The client wanted Peersways to source North American influencers for this campaign to promote Richard Rotman’s book, “How to Be a Better Online Writer Overnight” aka “The PR Writer”.  They wanted influencers to share some writing tips that were mentioned in the book and capture a creative post.

What we did: We collaborated with 10 influencers, creating one Instagram post and at least one Instagram story. Influencers shared how the book offers many great tips on improving one’s writing skills.

Photo Credits: @brainsandbronzed, @christina_cord, @eatwithjacq, and @reverieofkiki.


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