Knorr is an international brand offering a wide range of bouillons, soups, stocks, seasonings, sauces, soupy snacks, dressings and gravies.

What they wanted: The client wanted Peersway to source 25 Canadian influencers with either Chinese, Vietnamese, or Filipino descent to promote Knorr Chicken Powder and Knorr Liquid Seasoning. They also requested for 3 different dishes, where one of them should focus on a “food hack” – a tip, trick, or efficient method of cooking.

What we did: We collaborated with 25 influencers who are within the 3 ethnicities to create 3 Instagram photos, where two of them will feature two different dishes using the two Knorr products, and one will be a food hack. Most of our influencers created delicious-looking Asian dishes and some of them included the recipe in their caption as well! For the food hack photos, a lot of them shared interesting cooking tips that we would recommend checking out!

Photo Credits: @nomsoftoronto, @linder_surprise, @supermomxox & @hungrysheepie


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